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bullet 7680 Reviews 4.6/5

Shear Comfort Custom Seat Covers

Car seat covers from Shear Comfort are made from the highest-quality automotive-grade materials and are custom-designed to perfectly fit your vehicle's seats. Whether you are looking to protect your original upholstery, make your driving experience more comfortable, or simply make your interior more aesthetically pleasing, Shear Comfort has the custom car and truck seat cover you need.

We pride ourselves on providing phenomenal customer service and are here to help you through the ordering process. Unsure of the type of seats in your vehicle? Have questions about which products will best fit for your car? If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact us.

While there is a lot of information available about auto seat covers and their benefits, we have broken everything down for you to make your research and ordering process as straightforward as possible.

There are three major reasons to buy seat covers that you should know about. Learn more

  • bullet Guaranteed Exact Fit
  • bullet Better Fit Than Universal Seat Covers
  • bullet Protect Your Original Seats to Increase Resale Value
  • bullet Safe for In-Seat Airbags and Heated Seats
  • bullet Rear Benches Seat Covers Available

How Does It Work?

Choose Your Seat Covers

bullet  Select the year, make, and model of your car

bullet  View prices & select your seat option

bullet  Choose your package & color

We Make Them For You

bullet  Custom-made for your selection

bullet  Get a confirmation email & tracking # when shipped

bullet  Receive after about 2-3 weeks

You Install Them

bullet  Slip over your original seats

bullet  Easy installation: Strap/Buckle & Velcro system

bullet  Non-slip fit: Looks & protection that last for years

Three Reasons To Choose Shear Comfort:

Protect Your Vehicle's Seats and Retain its Value

Protect the value of your vehicle by protecting your upholstery with Shear Comfort's quality custom seat covers.

Have you ever tried to sell a vehicle with seats that are stained or torn? Ruined car upholstery can be a huge turnoff for many prospective buyers. However, if someone is interested in purchasing the vehicle, damaged seats could decrease your profit even when everything else is in good shape. Depending on the vehicle, this could mean hundreds of dollars or more.

Our custom seat covers are there for this exact reason. If you are hard on your seats and know that you're likely to spill on or stain them, having a set of car seat covers made of high-quality upholstery is an easy and very cost-effective way to stop this from happening.

Add Comfort to your Driving Experience

Is a pleasant driving experience important to you? Choose from one of our softest fabrics to ensure that you'll always drive in comfort.

Original equipment material isn't always the most comfortable, especially in base trim levels. The cloth can feel a bit rough and scratchy. When you are commuting to work Monday through Friday or road-tripping for long hours, the last thing you want is to be sitting on a less-than-comfortable bucket seat. Rather than suffering, installing softer bucket seat covers will really add a nice level of comfort to enhance your driving experience.

There are many materials that we offer that are specifically geared toward comfort. Our most comfortable options include our sheepskin seat covers, which are made of authentic Merino wool measuring one inch thick. Our neoprene or velour seat covers are also very comfortable choices.

Custom-Made and Form-Fitting Seat Covers

Shear Comfort’s custom-made seat covers are to fit your vehicle. We guarantee a perfect fit!

Universal-fit seat covers have quite a few disadvantages when compared to custom-made seat protectors: Not only are they generally too big, but they tend to move around, and you'll often have to adjust them every time you get in or out of your vehicle.

Our custom-fit seat covers are very different from universals. They are made specifically for your vehicle's year, make, and model in your chosen material and color. Whether you're shopping for wide truck seat covers, a kid-friendly seat cover for your van or SUV, or a matching set for a tiny car, your search stops here. Choose any material and color and order it for your vehicle now. We'll take care of the rest!

Latest Customer Reviews

Vehicle: 2016 Subaru Forester
Product: Velour
Rating: 5/5

They look, feel and are prefect fit. I am so glad I bought them.

Vehicle: 2003 Jeep Wrangler
Product: Saddle Blanket
Rating: 5/5

There a good quality and easy to install if you read the directions and take your time. It took me about 30 minutes to put them on. They were actually a little nicer than I expected. Ive had them on for about a month now and have no problems. There very comfortable and they look great. Changed the whole look of the jeep. Ive gotten a few complements on them. Very sharp. The colors are great.

Vehicle: 2015 Toyota Highlander
Product: CORDURA®
Rating: 5/5

Excellent ... Great fit !!!

Vehicle: 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe
Product: CORDURA®
Rating: 5/5

Great product, very nice fit. Look great and wear like iron . I definitely recommend these seat covers