Subaru Forester Seat Covers

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The Subaru Forester is established as a versatile, jack-of-all trades vehicle. Subaru Forester seat covers by Shear Comfort come in a variety of materials to suit your needs. We have tough, rugged, waterproof Cordura, all-purpose Neoprene or easily cleaned Imitation Leather. Whatever your activity or requirement, we'll have seat covers for Subaru Forester. We create our Subaru Forester seat covers specifically for your seat dimensions. They will wrap your seats like a second skin yet still allow normal operation of all features including headrests, side seat air bags, pullout armrests and the folding rear seats. Install Shear Comfort seat covers and enjoy worry free travels! More info

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Our top seat covers for Subaru Forester vehicles

Custom Fit Cordura
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Custom Fit Neo-Supreme
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Custom Fit Sheepskin
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Custom Fit Mesh
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Seat Covers for Subaru Forester

Shear Comfort can create custom fit 2014 Subaru Forester seat covers for all of the models including the 2.5i or 2.0xt engines, Turbo, Premium, Limited or Touring trim packages. If you purchased a used Subaru Forester from previous years we can help you too! A priority for many customers is keeping their seats looking like a new Subaru Forester, helping to increase re-sale or trade-in value. Our seatcovers are designed to have a clean, professional finish so no attachments will be visible in your Subaru Forester interior. Attachments are secured underneath the seat giving you a snug fit that won't move around or bunch up underneath you.

They easily slip on over the existing upholstery with no special tools required. Seat covers are not just Subaru Forester accessories. They become integral Subaru Forester parts that will protect your upholstery from dogs, kids, skis, snowboards, surfboards, bicycles, kayaks or whatever may go in or out of your vehicle. Many customers relive their vacations with our Hawaiian prints. Some prefer our ultra-luxurious Sheepskin while many go for stylish Mesh or traditional Velour. Whichever choice you make our seat covers will beautify and protect your Forester seats!

Customer Reviews for Subaru Forester Seat Covers

Vehicle: 2015 Subaru Forester
Product: Cordura
Rating: 5/5

good company. actually called to ask why I ordered the heavy duty ones and agreed with my reasons. nice quality and the fit perfectly. Nice!

Vehicle: 2013 Subaru Forester
Product: Neoprene
Rating: 5/5

First of all, customer service was excellent. Fit and color, the color almost matched perfect with the interior of my light grey 2013 forester, yours is stated as silver, mine light grey. The fit was excellent using the Cardura fabric which was recommended by you over the Neo-Supreme. Thanks for the e-mail telling me about the material difference, instead of just selling me something to make a sale. It is appreciated. Fit and install, literally like a glove, so well that when I showed them to a friend he asked, where did you go to get the upholstery done? I told him about the company Shear Comfort and have a feeling he will be ordering something soon. Install, about an hour for just the front seats. Will they last, If the quality is as good as everything else I have a feeling quite awhile. I do know that if it gets to a point where my truck is in need of covers I will be ordering from your company.

Vehicle: 2014 Subaru Forester
Product: Neoprene
Rating: 5/5

Installation instruction wasn't clear at all. Had to install it twice. With that said it fits great and it looks great! Loving it!
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