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When Dodge tells you to Grab Life, the expectation is for drivers to really take on life and enjoy it. Grabbing life with your Ram, Dakota or Durango could consist of taking road trips and going on off-roading or camping adventures. For Charger or Dart drivers, there may be fewer off-roading adventures for you, but long drives and road trips are a definite must.

Whatever the famous Dodge slogan means to you, Shear Comfort wants to make it that much better and more comfortable. We have a wide variety of products in different styles and colors. Our Dodge seat covers fit any 'life grabbing' scenario.

With our custom materials, you'll really be able to enjoy driving. With our fitment guaranteed, you'll be sitting on products that provide excellent comfort and look great!

We've created a short list of the Do's and Don'ts of owning our Dodge seat covers below. More info

Our top seat covers for Dodge vehicles

Custom Fit Realtree Camo
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Realtree Camo
Custom Fit Neo-Supreme
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Custom Fit CORDURA®
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Custom Fit OEM
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Do Protect your Truck with Dodge Seat Covers

Protection is one of the major benefits of using our products. By having them on, you'll be protecting your upholstery from years of daily use that can cause fading, worn fabric, and even tears.

It is ideal to install our products before any of this happens in order to keep your original upholstery looking great, even after you take the covers off. By doing so you'll also be retaining some of your vehicle's resale value.

You'll not only be protecting its resale value, but you'll also be adding comfort to your driving, too. Not all original upholstery is overly comfortable. We have that covered!

Don't Worry about Spills and Stains

Spills and stains don't only happen when you're off-roading, but can unfortunately occur at any time in any vehicle. Rather than taking the chance and hoping that you and your passengers are always being careful with beverages, our products are a great way of safeguarding your seats from both you and your fellow passengers.

For passenger vehicles, Neo-Supreme is our top seller, but rest assured all of our materials are automotive grade. Other materials that we recommend for spills and stains are Velour and OEM. Almost all our Dodge seat covers are water resistant and will save you from having to clean big spills on your original upholstery.

When you spill liquid on any of water resistant materials, it'll bead up and pool instead of absorbing right away. You'll have enough time to clean up the mess before it soaks through. Our products will buy you time and save your original upholstery from any permanent staining.

Do Get Dirty with Dodge Truck Seat Covers

Road trips including camping and off-roads treks are not just vacations, they're adventures. You are just as likely to get dirty as you are to get lost a few times along the way. While we cannot help you when you get lost (other than suggest you use a GPS), we can help with all that dirt and dust!

Our Dodge seat covers are exactly what a camping or road trip needs to avoid getting that entire wilderness on your original seats. Your truck was built for the outdoors, but its interior wasn't. Our products are there so you can get your truck as dirty as you want without worry.

Specific materials for easy cleaning are Imitation Leather, Realtree Camo and Vinyl. A bit of wiping down and a quick vacuum will take off any dirt or mud!

Don't Worry about Damaging your Interior

When using your vehicle for work or industrial purposes, you risk the chance of really doing some damage to your seats. Our products will take that risk away as our CORDURA® and Vinyl materials are abrasion resistant. They are also water resistant so if you are getting in your truck after a long day on the job or out in the rain, you won't be sitting on the original upholstery.

By eliminating the chance of damaging your seats, Dodge seat covers will allow you to focus on getting the job done.

Customer Reviews for Dodge Seat Covers

Product: Mesh
Rating: 5/5

Fit perfect, would recommend to everyone. Thank You, Thank You!!!!

Product: General Testimonial
Rating: 5/5

They are AMAZING!! I live in Vegas and when you have to get in your vehicle in August, these soft furry seats are a blessing when you have shorts on!! Every person that gets in my vehicle exclaims how comfy they are and where did I get them...So Thank YOU :)

Product: CORDURA®
Rating: 5/5

Exactly what I wanted and they fit perfectly. You guys did a great job when making these for me.. Ken

Product: Neoprene
Rating: 5/5

excellent quality and great appearance, easy to install.

Product: OEM
Rating: 5/5

Im genuinely surprised the level of workmanship in this product. I had doubts about how good the covers will be, because it was for a very complicated set of seats: 2nd and 3rd row Stown Go for a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew Plus. Headrests are folding forward, armrests, seats are folding up and in the floor, several pull handles for each seat to operate all this options. Everything was perfectly tailored, the wholes, cuts finished up securely. The installation was a bit of challenging, but i think it was due to the complicated seats. The final test was when i vacuumed off the dog fur. I was scared that it will be a major pain, but it was a brease. I strongly recommend this product. You get what You pay for!

Product: CORDURA®
Rating: 4/5

Seats fit well,The drivers side front seat( Back section )was real tight and ripped a small amount other than that I am pleased with the product.
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