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We offer custom-fit seat cover patterns for all Chevy Silverado models, including 2015 Silverado seat covers. Need to protect your Chevy Silverado interior for the toughest jobs? Or simply make it comfortable for your daily commute? Custom made Silverado seat covers improve the look of your truck, keep spills and mud off, and fit just right. We have exactly measured patterns for Silverado seats. Each order is custom made specifically for your truck. The most popular seat covers, as bought by other Silverado drivers, are Realtree Camo and Neoprene. Realtree offers a unique look and top durability. Neoprene has bright colors, fade resistance, and the best fit - a great choice for everyday driving (and our top fabric overall). Seat covers increase future resale value by keeping the original Silverado upholstery spotless - they're among the best Silverado accessories! More info

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Our top seat covers for Chevy Silverado vehicles

Custom Fit Imitation Leather
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Imitation Leather
Custom Fit Neo-Supreme
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Custom Fit Cordura
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Custom Fit OEM
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Seat Covers for Your Silverado

Our other popular seat covers for Chevy Silverado are Cordura (our toughest material) and OEM (looks like original seat fabric). Cordura is especially recommended for heavy-duty use and also makes a great pet seat cover. Try these or any of our other seat covers - our seat listings include the newest model year, last year's 2015 Chevy Silverado seat covers, and go all the way back to 1999. If you're shopping for Chevy Silverado parts, custom seat covers should be on your list.

Customer Reviews for Chevy Silverado Seat Covers

Vehicle: 2013 Chevy Silverado
Product: Vinyl
Rating: 3/5

Quality of vinyl seems quite is acceptable. Encountered two problems with the rear covers. First one was tht no provision was made to accomodate the center seat belt on the middle back seat cover thus requiring me to cut the cover to allow the seat belt to become functional ! Secondalso a back seat cover issue.....the straps used to pull the seat cover tight had the tightening devices reversed so you had to push on the straps instead of being able to pull them tight....very difficult to get them as tight as they should be.

Vehicle: 2011 Chevy Silverado
Product: Cordura
Rating: 5/5

Great seat cover. Now I am thinking about my bench back seat. Also there was two extra pieces and don't know what they are for.

Vehicle: 2008 Chevy Silverado
Product: Cordura
Rating: 4/5

First look at the seat covers I was very please with the workmanship & quality of them. Installing them was very easy and the overall fit of them was perfect. Thanks
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