Ford Seat Covers

4.6 / 5 Customer Rating (1,679 Reviews)
  • Guaranteed Exact Fit to Your Ford Seat

  • Safe for In-seat Airbags and Heated Seats

  • Rear Benches Available

Our custom Ford seat covers will fit perfectly to your seat. We have hundreds of exact, computer-cut seat patterns available in our database. No matter what kind of Ford you drive – truck, car, SUV, or van – we can custom-fit our products to your seats.

Shear Comfort has been selling made-to-order seat covers for over 30 years. We guarantee an exact fit and pride ourselves on our effective customer service – read 1,679 reviews of Ford seat covers from satisfied customers. Our long lasting products come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors to suit your driving needs and your personal style. More info

Our top seat covers for Ford vehicles

Custom Fit CORDURA®

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4.6 / 5 Rating

Custom Fit Neo-Supreme

Select your Ford

4.6 / 5 Rating

Custom Fit Realtree Camo

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Realtree Camo

4.6 / 5 Rating

Custom Fit OEM

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4.5 / 5 Rating

Choose the Best Seat Covers for Your Ford

Get custom fit Ford car seat covers for your daily commute or get your Ford truck seats ready to handle use in heavy-duty construction and outdoor activities. Our customers' most popular choice for their Ford vehicle is Neoprene – because it's great for regular everyday driving. This fabric stretches tightly around your seat for the best possible fit, protects from spilled drinks, and comes in a variety of bright, fade-protected colors.

For extreme protection from mud and dirt, you can choose our highly durable CORDURA® fabric (it's also great for pets).

OEM matches the look and feel of your original upholstery. While many outdoorsmen tend to go for the bold look of Realtree Camo fabrics. Our customers enjoy using our "create your own color" tool to improve their interior with matching or complementary colors. It's available with our Neoprene, CORDURA®, and Hawaiian fabrics.

Regardless of what you need seat covers for, protection, aesthetics, comfort, or any combination of these, we have the product that will match your needs and perfectly fit the seats of your vehicle.

Customer Reviews for Ford Seat Covers

Gorel P - KailuaKona, HI
Product: Hawaiian
Vehicle: 2017 Ford Escape

Date: 2016-12-14
The seat covers are great and I am sure of that I could even dance on top of them and they would not move. My only problem was that it was quite impossible for me to put them on (76 year old woman), but a wonderful neighbor helped me out . I know that I got my moneys worth.
Maryann N - EDMONTON, AB
Product: Vinyl
Vehicle: 2014 Ford F250

Date: 2016-12-14
The guys really like the seat covers.
Michael M - Park Falls, WI
Product: CORDURA®
Vehicle: 2016 Ford F150

Date: 2016-12-14
Well made and fit was pretty good. Fairly easy to install. Material seems very durable and should wear well.
Eric M - BEND, OR
Product: Imitation Leather
Vehicle: 1999 Ford F150 -

Date: 2016-12-14
Well done, fit and finish top notch, worth the price paid. My 1999 Ford F150 leather seats were worn and split. Feels like a new truck again!
Henry E - Peachtree City, GA
Product: Imitation Leather
Vehicle: 2014 Ford F350

Date: 2016-12-13
The seat covers fit perfectly and look great. The only negative (small) is that the small seat/console cover in the front seat does not fit the console portion perfectly. I can live with this, I will cut and tuck under plastic portion of the console. But all in all I am very pleased.