Ford F150 Seat Covers

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4.6/5 4.6 / 5 Rating for F-150 Seat Covers (324 Reviews)
  • Yes Guaranteed exact fit to your Ford F150 seat
  • Yes Custom fit seat covers are better than universals
  • Yes Protect your original seats to increase resale value
  • Yes Safe for in-seat airbags and heated seats
  • Yes Rear benches available
Shear Comfort has a wide variety of custom F150 seat covers. We have a custom fit seat pattern for every F150, even for the latest 2014 Ford F150 seats. more

Seat Covers for Ford F150

Our F-150 seat covers are individually custom made from exact patterns for your specific seat. To start, Select Year above.

We have a seat cover fabric for any way you use your F150 - comfortable and tight-fitting Neoprene seat covers for commuting and family use, industrial-strength protection for the job site with waterproof Cordura (it's also fantastic if you have pets), and our luxurious Sheepskin seat covers that excel in very cold and very hot climates and will keep you comfy on long trips in your truck.

We custom fit our seat covers to your 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 F-150 seats - and all previous model years. 1976-1991 F150 model years are listed as F Series on our Ford page).

If you're just looking for a custom fit seat cover that looks like your original F150 upholstery, consider our OEM product. Do you carry around messy materials like concrete, paint, or even mud in your F150 interior? You might want to choose Cordura. These waterproof seat covers are as heavy duty and tough as they come.

We also offer Vinyl seat covers for F150s. Vinyl fabric is easy to clean - simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. That's excellent for trucks that get muddy and dirty on a regular basis.

For a full selection of available seat covers for F150s, Shop By Vehicle at the top of the page. All of our Ford F150 seat covers are custom fit, durable, and washable.

Customer Reviews for Ford F150 Seat Covers

#1 Review by Norman Sydlik from cypress, TX:
Vehicle: 2013 Ford F150
Product: Cordura
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-07-21
Bes seat covers I have ever owned. Great fit and not to overly difficult to install. Wish they would mark what cover went where.

#2 Review by Sarah from Carbondale, IL:
Vehicle: 2001 Ford F150 Extended Cab
Product: Realtree Camo
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2014-07-21
I was concerned when ordering seat covers that they would not fit because my seat belt is built into the seat these fit PERFECTLY and they look amazing! LOVE THEM!

#3 Review by Darren Rice from Burnaby, BC:
Vehicle: 2007 Ford F150 Crew Cab
Product: Neoprene
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-07-19
I appreciate and enjoy the seat covers they are nice fitting comfortable and enhance my truck quite well. Regards Darren Rice

#4 Review by Neil Monger from Harrisonburg, VA:
Vehicle: 2005 Ford F150 Crew Cab
Product: Vinyl
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2014-07-18
Quality and fit were excellent. Will definitely be back for more.

#5 Review by Dale Sirois from White City, Saskatchewan:
Vehicle: 2010 Ford F150
Product: Cordura
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-07-04
Decent covers and high quality. Fit pretty good on 2010 Ford F150 except the rear headrest covers were too small for mine as this truck has the large headrests the same as the front seats. Would recommend for anyone wanting to have covers to protect the seats.

#6 Review by Jim Allen from Tipton, IA:
Vehicle: 2004 Ford F150 Extended Cab
Product: Cordura
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-06-26
It was work to get them on and one seam tore a little. Overall they seam like they are going to wear well.

#7 Review by Maxwell Watson from Conover, NC:
Vehicle: 2001 Ford F150 Extended Cab
Product: Saddle Blanket
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-06-14
Paid a little more than other places but liked zippered full back and ease of installation. Didnt like cover to console/needs to be more form fitting/elastic etc. Covers overall are worth the extra cost.

#8 Review by Curt Danielson from East Wenatchee, WA:
Vehicle: 2013 Ford F150
Product: Cordura
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2014-06-12
Love the product but would appreciate more installation information tailored to my specific vehicle. Thanks for the great product...I'm sure we will do business again in the future!

#9 Review by Mary Leffew from louisville, KY:
Vehicle: 2003 Ford F150 Regular Cab
Product: Realtree Camo
Rating: 3/5
Date: 2014-06-12

#10 Review by Leon Harris from Mount Pleasant, SC:
Vehicle: 2007 Ford F150 Regular Cab
Product: Sheepskin
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2014-06-10
Put them on right away and drove 3000 miles. The drive and passenger seat covers went right on but I never could get the center section cover on. Cut my fingers trying. No matter no one sits there anyway. They made a world of difference on the long ride! I drove 11 to 13 hours each day for 5 days. Great workmanship and well worth the money. Get these if you do a lot of driving!