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Ford, one of America's top car manufacturers, has a history and reputation for making strong and powerful trucks. The Ranger does not fall short as a Ford truck with the upgraded 3500 kg towing capacity. Even though Ford stopped producing the Ranger in 2011, we still see many Rangers driving around. Because of its popularity, Shear Comfort has made sure to have all patterns dating back to its 1983 Bench in Neoprene, OEM and Cordura. As technology has progressed, our Ford Ranger Seat Covers have adapted to its 3 generations and our digitized cutting system produces custom fit seat covers for every Ford Ranger interior. More info

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Ford Ranger Seat Cover Buying Guide

A great guide to buying Ford Ranger seat covers is to pin down what you use your Ranger the most for. Is it for general commuting and passenger use only? Or is it for work, towing, moving to and from construction sites? Your answers to these two questions will help you decide what type of seat cover is best for your Ford Ranger interior. More importantly, choosing the right way to customize your Ford Ranger interior will ensure longevity and value of your truck, regardless of its daily activities. Take a look at over 50 reviews for Ford Rangers, where our customers are saying that our seat covers are some of the best ones they have ever bought.

So, your Ford Ranger is mostly used for commuting and passenger use? Our most popular product for you is our Neoprene seat covers. If you have ever felt the inside of a wetsuit, you know what Neoprene seat covers feel like. Fortunately, because our material is automotive grade, it is highly water resistant and UV protected, unlike actual wetsuit material.

Another great choice is OEM. This material is a lot like many Ranger interiors, but may not be exactly the same as yours. Also automotive grade and comfortable, these seat covers will protect your Ranger's seats.

Customers have rated our Ford Ranger seat covers 4.7/5 stars. It could be because not only do we use a digitized cutting system to ensure precision and accuracy, but with quality control, all of our seat covers come with a fitment guarantee, and we stand behind our quality and workmanship.

Please note that if you have a 2011 or 2010 Ford Ranger, you have Side Airbags. Older years comes with this option so double check the side of your seat. When producing your seat covers, we will make the alterations for side airbag stitching to ensure they can deploy properly with our seat covers installed.

Your new Ranger is a work truck? Don't worry! Shear Comfort knows tough and produces seat covers much like the strong and powerful Ford Ranger you rely on for work purposes. So what are you choices? Our best choice for tough material is Cordura. Both waterproof and tear resistant, Cordura is a canvas-like material that comes in 5 different colors. As Ford Ranger accessories, these are hard to beat when you need something strong and rugged to protect your seats from heavy tools and dirt.

Since most people enjoy some choice in their life, we have another material very comparable to Cordura. Our Real Tree Camo product is just as strong and protective for Ford Ranger seats. This material is great for the same reasons as Cordura but you have the choice of Camouflage patterns.

Not only does Shear Comfort have an array of materials for your used Ford Ranger, it is nice to know that we also take into account trim levels. Our Ford Ranger parts are guaranteed to fit the Ford Ranger XL, Ford Ranger XLT, and Ford Ranger Sport.

Customer Reviews for Ford Ranger Seat Covers

Vehicle: 2004 Ford Ranger
Product: Cordura
Rating: 5/5

As a former upholsterer, these covers were harder to put on that the cheap ones but definitely worth it. They look good and strong and comfortable. John Opp

Vehicle: 2006 Ford Ranger
Product: Cordura
Rating: 4/5

Seat covers fit well for my 06 Ford Ranger bucket seats. Around the seat belt latch wasnt as nice of a fit, but theyve worn in nicely to the seats. The seat back cover was as close to perfect as possible. Definitely worth the purchase to protect the seats!

Vehicle: 2007 Ford Ranger
Product: Cordura
Rating: 4/5

The color was right and the quality is very good. Theyre a real bear to put on and the fit wasnt perfect. But I believe the main reason for this was that the 60/40 seats on a Ford Ranger make it near impossible to have a perfect fit since there is very little to no room where the seats come together. So, all in all I am satisfied with the quality, fit and price. keep up the good work...
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