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Numerous cup holders in the Ford Flex encourage sipping beverages while driving. If you're worried about spilling or had to clean up after an accidental spill, Shear Comfort custom fit Neoprene Ford Flex seat covers are chosen most often by customers for the form-fitted look, soft comfort and protection. And not to worry, all seat features such as armrests, headrests, pullout cup holders, rear split/folding seats, side impact air bags and even the front passenger fold flat seat will remain functional. We can make seat covers for the front, middle and rear rows. Custom seat covers can make a used Ford Flex look like a new Ford Flex. More info

Our top seat covers for Ford Flex vehicles

Custom Fit CORDURA®
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Custom Fit Neo-Supreme
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Custom Fit Imitation Leather
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Imitation Leather
Custom Fit Sheepskin
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Choosing Your Material

If you have dogs jumping on the seats or kids eating and drinking in your Flex, Shear Comfort CORDURA® seat covers for Ford Flex seats are the solution for preserving your original upholstery. This tough, rugged, waterproof material can withstand heavy-duty use. It feels like a nylon-type canvas so its primary function is maximum protection, with comfort and fitment being secondary. CORDURA® does have a canvas or coverall feel to it so it is also perfect for work environments like construction, landscaping, security or delivery driving. CORDURA® really resists tearing and abrasions so it can withstand rugged use.

If you have wondered how to choose Ford Flex seat covers, think about what the vehicle is used for. Is this a commercial application in a fleet of delivery vehicles or more of a family car that hauls kids, luggage, groceries and the subsequent snacks and drinks? Most Ford Flex owners with families choose neoprene for its versatility. Neoprene provides a second-skin look with excellent comfort and great protection for most family situations. Liquids will bead up on the surface but will require attention within a reasonable amount of time so coffee drips or tipped water bottles won't be an issue if wiped up fairly quickly.

Another way to find Ford Flex seat covers is to scroll to the top of this page and enter the year of the vehicle. All available products for your specific vehicle will be displayed. Of these materials being displayed, our Imitation Leather is another popular choice for Ford Flex vehicles that are work oriented or dedicated family vehicles.

Imitation Leather gives you the sleek look of real leather with the lower cost of a synthetic version. It will be easily cleaned so yogurt, ice cream, sodas or even oil and grease can be wiped down in minutes, keeping the seat covers installed and thereby protecting your Ford Flex interior.

Ford Flex accessories and Ford Flex parts abound, however, none can offer more luxury than our Sheepskin seat covers. Our customers that want maximum cushioning and buffering from either hot or cold climates choose Sheepskin for its naturally insulating properties. From the snowy climates to the desert climates, Sheepskin will relieve pressure points on firmer seats and will prevent heat or cold from transferring from your seats to your body.

If we were to write a brief Ford Flex seat cover buying guide we would first recommend a custom fit. Custom fit refers to our seat covers that are cut and sewn according to the exact dimensions of your Ford Flex seats. This ensures a snug fit that will not be loose or baggy. In fact, we will guarantee the fitment. So if you have all wheel drive or front wheel drive, an SE, SEL, Limited or Limited with Eco-Boost we will make our seat covers to match the exact seat type in whichever row you choose.

Customer Reviews for Ford Flex Seat Covers

Product: CORDURA®
Rating: 5/5

The product came in the box exactly as we hoped. It fit very well. No Issues

Product: Realtree Camo
Rating: 5/5

Absolutely love them they are easy to install and fit like a glove

Product: Sheepskin
Rating: 5/5

The seat covers look great and fit well! They make our Ford Flex complete. Getting them on was a bit of a challenge but they are well worth the effort.
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