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The Perfect Fit Custom Seat Covers

ShearComfort Subaru seat covers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very practical in that our products are resistant to spills, tears, and damage. You can get our custom-made Subaru seat covers for a variety of models and trim levels, and we offer covers for all rows, including the backseats.

High-quality fabrics, long-lasting, and guaranteed to fit, our Subaru accessories will give you the confidence of protection while driving. You can get our Subaru seat covers in several different fabric options and color schemes or designs.

Our top priority is comfort, durability, and good looks.

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Unsure Which Seat Covers to Buy?

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Quality Subaru Seat Covers Offering Superior Protection

Mirroring the versatility of Subaru cars such as Outback, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, and XV Crosstrek, ShearComfort Subaru seat covers offer the same level of confidence and performance. High-quality fabrics, long-lasting, and guaranteed to fit, our Subaru seat covers will give you the confidence of protection while driving.

Our wide range of seat covers will also give you the confidence that you will get exactly what you want and need. Choose our CORDURA® seat covers for tough waterproof protection, our Neo-Supreme for comfort and full coverage, or go for a bit of luxury with our extremely comfortable Sheepskin.

We offer premium-built, custom-designed, and machine-cut Subaru car covers for car models of all ages: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017-1975.

Plus, our Subaru seat covers are readily available for all trim levels: Base, Premium, Sport, Limited, Touring, and tS.

While you're cruising around town, drinking your coffee, or grabbing a bite to eat on the go, spills are bound to happen. What better investment to make than ShearComfort Subaru seat covers? Our custom-made, precision-cut Subaru seat covers are the perfect choice when trying to protect your seats and maintain the value and look of your Subaru interior.

We offer several different fabrics to accommodate different protective needs. Our most popular choice for Subaru seat covers material is neoprene. This wetsuit-like material is highly water-resistant, form-fitting, and very comfortable.

Another great choice for protection is our Velour Subaru seat covers. Velour is great for protection, very comfortable, and we have a variety of different colors and patterns for you to choose from. Or, if you are looking for moderate protection and breathability, choose from our three colors of Super Mesh Subaru seat covers.

The CORDURA® Subaru seat covers are waterproof and almost indestructible when it comes to the messes that children and dogs might cause. So, no more worrying about dirty shoes or paws.

Lastly, authentic Australian Sheepskin Subaru seat covers offer a level of comfort unparalleled by any other material. These covers are the epitome of luxury and provide good protection for your existing upholstery. Choose from our Tailor-Made or Semi-Custom Subaru seat covers to suit your specific needs.

We also Impreza Wagon and Hatchback, Impreza Outback Sport, Tribeca, Baja, Brat, DL / GL, XT, SVX, BRZ, WRX,and XT6. offer seat covers for the following Subaru vehicles:

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