Custom Floor Mats

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Custom Auto Floor Mats

ShearComfort's Custom Floor Mats by Dash Designs® are designed to keep your floor protected. Since these car floor liners are tailored to fit your vehicle and are made with highly durable materials, you can rest assured that your original floor will maintain its original look. Keep mud, water, snow, dirt, and other elements from outside away from your carpet floor with our custom floor mats for trucks, cars, and SUVs. Choose from three different products: Endura, DuraClear, and Designer Luxury Plush. If you are looking to match the look of your OEM carpet, Endura is the right choice for you with 11 different colors to choose from. If you need something highly durable and waterproof, then DuraClear is an excellent choice. The clear vinyl DuraClear is the perfect floor mat for trucks or for anyone who is hard on their interior.

Custom Cargo Liners

In addition to covering floors, we also have Custom Cargo Liners that are made specifically to fit your vehicle's cargo areas. Truck and SUV Cargo Liners are perfect for anyone who travels with pets or transports any kind of materials often. Transporting furniture and heavy tools or equipment can be particularly hard on your interior. That's why our Custom Cargo Liners are perfect for ensuring the health of your floors and cargo areas.