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Sheepskin Seat Covers

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Top Selling Sheepskin Seat Covers

The Perfect Fit SHEEPSKIN Seat Covers

Why settle for anything but the best? ShearComfort has been in the sheepskin business for over 40 years. We built our reputation by selling only the best Sheepskin Car Seat Covers available and we still offer the same today. Our Tailor-made, Semi-Custom and Universal seat covers are made of 100% Genuine Australian Merino Sheepskin. These seat covers give you maximum comfort and long-lasting good looks. Easy to install and easy to clean. The dense fibers and plush pelts of Australian Merino sheepskin make them the best quality for seat covers.


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Benefits of Sheepskin seat covers

  • Leaves Map Pockets and Seat Controls Accessible
  • Accommodates Seats with Airbags
  • Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer
  • Relieves Pressure Points While Driving
  • 100 % Natural Product
  • Can be Spot Cleaned and Vacuumed
  • Long lasting good looks
  • Easy installation

Why are Sheepskin the Most Comfortable Seat Covers?

Sitting on the dense, wool fibers supports and cushions you. This leaves an air space between you and your seat, relieving pressure points and giving you comfort on long or short drives. The natural insulating quality of sheepskin car seat covers also keep you Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter. Sitting on ShearComfort genuine sheepskin car seat covers are so comfortable that you will never want to be without them in your vehicle. The seat covers are soft to the touch, yet long lasting and durable. They will maintain the original appearance for many years.

How do you clean sheepskin seat covers?

For general maintenance we recommend brushing the dense fibers in the seating area where it can pack down. A soft bristle pet brush is great for this. It will lift and separate the wool fibers and allow it to go back to its original appearance. You can then vacuum your seat covers to remove any dust and dirt that may have gotten trapped. The sheepskin seat cover can also be spot cleaned in place with a damp cloth. A little wool washing soap can be used on stubborn stains. If a full cleaning is needed, we recommend professional cleaning or hand washing with wool washing soap. Always hang them to dry. Do not put sheepskin in the dryer!

How long do sheepskin car seat covers last?

With proper care and maintenance like brushing and vacuuming, your sheepskin car seat covers will last you up to10 or more years. Many of our customers move their sheepskin seat covers from one vehicle to another when they change vehicles.


Shearcomfort has been supplying the automotive industry since 1983 with our Sheepskin seat covers for Cars, Trucks and Vans. We specialize in getting you the right seat covers, and best fit for your vehicle. If you want ready-made sizes, we have Semi-Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers in stock, ready to ship. These are matched to your vehicle from a wide selection of pre-made sizes. We also have Tailor-Made Sheepskin Seat Covers which are hand cut from patterns for the exact seats in your vehicle. Tailor-mades are for those who want the finest!

We offer multiple colors to match or compliment your vehicles interior. Our color options range from the lightest Pearl color to the darkest, Black Sheepskin color.

Upgrade and customize your vehicle’s interior with the best Sheepskin Seat Covers from ShearComfort!

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