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Scion was Toyota’s brand that debuted in 2003 in an effort to appeal to younger customers. The car brand featured inexpensive, yet stylish, distinctive sport compact vehicles. To simplify the car pricing concept, each Scion was available in one trim level with a non-negotiable base pricing structure. The only additions available were dealer add-ons offered for personalization. At the start of the 2017 model year (August 2016), Scion was absorbed back into Toyota, with models being rebranded or discontinued altogether. There are still Scions on the road today, meaning that Scion seat covers are a necessity, one that ShearComfort is here to fulfill.

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Youthful and Affordable Scion Seat Covers

Scion was made to be youthful and inexpensive, so why not purchase seat covers that meet the same requirements? One of the most popular Scion seat covers are Neo-Supreme. These covers are great for daily use and come in over 18 different color combinations, which come in handy because the Scion models on the road come in some pretty unique colors and design shapes. It also helps that these seat covers feature an automotive grade material that is water-resistant.

For a waterproof solution, Scion drivers prefer the CORDURA® or Atomic Pro-Tect seat covers. These covers are also abrasion-resistant and heavyweight, greater for higher levels of wear. Maybe you want something that offers a little more comfort? Scion Sheepskin seat covers are an excellent choice if you want a natural fiber seat cover that features dense wool that won’t pack down after prolonged wear.

ShearComfort customers also choose Hawaiian Print Scion seat covers, which are made from double-stitching, offering durability. Each cover can be full Hawaiian Print or paired with Neo-Supreme as an insert or primary material. There are over six different combinations available for these covers. ShearComfort’s Scion seat covers are custom-fitted, meaning you won’t have to worry about them sliding or coming off prematurely.

You will find products for the following years: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007-2004.

We offer seat covers for the following Scion vehicles: XB, TC, XD, IQ, FRS, XA, iA, iM, and more.

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