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In 1938, Edsel Ford created the Mercury division of Ford Motors. Mercury vehicles were marketed as an entry-level premium brand, branching the price gap between Ford and Lincoln vehicle lines. Oldsmobile was the General Motors competitor for Mercury. The last Mercury Grand Marquis was taken off the assembly line January 4, 2011. Mercury is still considered and active and registered trademark of Ford even though it is not actively manufactured. There are still Mercury models on the road, and for those, ShearComfort offers Mercury seat covers that keep your investment in pristine condition.

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Mercury drivers are looking for protection and comfort when they purchase seat covers for their car. Even though ShearComfort has many different lines of seat covers, Mercury owners choose some materials more than others. For example, Neo-Supreme is one of the most popular options for Mercury vehicles. These seat covers are made from high-wearing Neoprene-like material which is an automotive-grade and great for the everyday wear of daily driving. There are over 18 different color combinations of Neo-Supreme available.

Sheepskin Is an extremely comfortable seat cover selection available from ShearComfort. These custom-fitted Mercury seat covers are made using natural dense fibers that don’t pack down after prolonged driving. Another plush and comfortable selection is Velour. Velour offers versatility, variety, and value with a water-resistant seat cover the provides protection and comfort.

Many car owners may prefer to have leather seat covers, but don’t want to pay the price for it. ShearComfort’s Imitation Leather seat covers bring fitted leather seat covers without the real leather pricing. These seat covers are high water and abrasion resistant, offering the same feel and protection that leather Mercury seat covers provide car owners.

You will find products available for the following years: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017-1965.

We offer seat covers for the following Mercury vehicles: Mariner, Grand Marquis, Mountaineer, Milan, Sable, Cougar, Montego, Marauder, Villager, Monterey, Topaz, Tracer, Mystique, MERKUR XR4TI, XR7, and more.

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