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Considered the little sibling to the Ford Escape, the Mazda Tribute is a crossover SUV that was manufactured for two generations, over the course of a decade. Because not everyone likes a full or mid-sized SUV, Mazda marketed the Tribute for those who wanted an SUV but didn’t want the handling of one. Even though it was only on the market for a short period (when compared to other vehicle models), owners of the Mazda Tribute still seek out ways to keep their SUVs interior looking new. ShearComfort’s Mazda Tribute seat covers are a solution to what they are looking for.

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Mazda Tribute Seat Covers for Crossover SUVs

Tribute owners love ShearComfort’s selection of Mazda seat covers. Like many other car models, one of the best-selling seat covers for the Tribute are Neo-Supreme seat covers. These seat covers are great for daily wear, offering a water-resistant barrier and over 18 different color combinations. The most comfortable selection chosen by Tribute drivers is Sheepskin. These seat covers are made using dense sheepskin material that doesn’t pack down after prolonged use. They are a natural fiber which makes them a natural insulator. This is great in any weather condition.

Other premium quality seat covers purchased by Mazda Tribute owners include Hawaiian Print and Imitation Leather. The Hawaiian Print seat covers are made of automotive grade Neo-Supreme for durability and can be purchased full Hawaiian or with a Neo-Supreme combination. Imitation Leather Mazda Tribute seat covers look and feel like real leather, offer a highly water resistant barrier, and are affordable.

Mazda manufactured two generations of the Tribute for the following model years: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006-2001.

The Mazda Tribute could be found with these trim level options available: LX, GL-X, Field Break (FB-X), LX, and L.

When looking for a smaller SUV, the crossover Mazda Tribute became an instant success. Only manufactured for ten years, the Tribute still made an impression. ShearComfort recognizes that and provides custom seat covers for the Tribute that’ll protect your interior.

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