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Not quite a minivan, not quite a sedan...but a Mazda5. With six seats total, Mazda5 was offered for a total of ten model years. While there was plenty of legroom and the capacity to seat five passengers in addition to the driver, Mazda5 was made for comfort – not cargo. You can still find these hidden gems on the road today, and drivers want to find Mazda5 seat covers to protect their investment.

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Mazda 5 Seat Covers from ShearComfort

Only three trim levels of Mazda5 were made during the vehicle’s manufacturing run. ShearComfort uses the original specs for the model year and trim level to ensure that your Mazda5 seat covers fit like a glove.

Durability and versatility reign supreme for Mazda5 with Neo-Supreme (a best-seller) and the 18 different color combinations available. Looking for something comfortable yet stylish? Sheepskin is our most comfortable seat cover yet, with a plush feel and breathable composition (great for every seat style). Right in the middle of Neo-Supreme and Sheepskin is our Velour line of Mazda5 seat covers.

No matter the comfort or the style you need, you can find in online with ShearComfort.

When it comes to model years, ShearComfort has Mazda5 seat covers for every year it was manufactured: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010-2006.

The Mazda5 was only available in three trim levels: Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring.

Even though the Mazda5 is no longer in production, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t leave an impression on the hearts of everyone. ShearComfort knows that Mazda5 seat covers can be hard to come by, which is why every set is custom-made just for your 5 Series. .

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