ShearComfort Seat Cover Installation Guides

ShearComfort has a wide range of seat cover styles. The installation method will vary depending on the different style of seat covers you choose. Additionally the seat cover installation for each product style may vary to accommodate the different vehicles or seats (front or rear) that the covers are being put on. Below are some general installation guides for different seat cover styles.

If you have Side Impact Airbags in your seat, please read this first: Airbags in Seat

Car Seat Covers That Fit Perfectly – Guaranteed

ShearComfort Seat Covers are made from the highest quality automotive grade materials and are custom designed to perfectly, and exactly fit your vehicle's seats – whether you have a car, SUV, or truck. We are so confident in our products that we guarantee a perfect fit. Additionally, all of our seat covers come with a 1-Year Risk Free Warranty. All seat covers are crafted with perfection and laser cut from exact patterns for your seat.