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Top Selling Car Stocking Stuffers For the Holidays

2023 Nov 6th

Top Selling Car Stocking Stuffers For the Holidays

Posted by David Jones

Everyone loves the big gifts when it comes to holiday gift giving, but you can knock some socks off with these stocking stuffer ideas from ShearComfort. No matter who is on the gift list, we found some gift ideas that won't take up a lot of room under the tree but will be big in benefits.

Check out these selections:

Retractable Sun Shades

When protecting the interior of your vehicle, you choose seat covers that are waterproof and tear-resistant, so your seats look the same on the day you decide to sell your truck as the day you drove it off the showroom floor. Another way to protect your interior from harmful UV rays is to install a retractable sunshade. Available in several attractive patterns, this shade can reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle by 50º. Stay cool while protecting your seats and dash from sun damage.

DashDesigns Silver Shield Custom

Silver Shield Custom Sun Shades

Our Silver Shield Custom Sun Shades reduce the interior temperatures by 50º, which means less waiting for your AC system to cool down the heat in the cab on hot summer days. The HVAC system will last longer when your AC doesn't have to work so hard. In addition, this shield helps protect your interior from damaging UV rays that crack dashboards and fade factory seats. This shield is an economical solution for maintaining your vehicle's resale value.

DashDesigns Camo

Camo Dash Covers

Camo and outdoor lovers will be thrilled with a dashboard cover that exemplifies their lifestyle. Add a layer of UV protection to your dash with our Custom Camo Dash Cover and keep your dash from cracking and fading in extreme heat conditions. Our dash covers are exact-fit, so they'll work around any of your dashboard extras like storage compartments. CAD designed and cut means you get an exact fit—this dash cover pairs well with ShearComfort's Camo Seat Covers.

Molded Dash Covers

Since dashboards take the brunt of the damage the sun can do, it makes sense to add a Custom Molded Dash Cover to your vehicle and stop UV destruction before it begins. There are eight colors to choose from, so you'll find a dash cover that complements your interior. Thanks to a unique heat molding process, this dash covering is an exact fit that considers your dash contours. Constructed of an automotive grade polyester carpet material, the dash cover is guaranteed to keep its shape and be easy to install and clean.


DashDesigns Brushed Suede

Brushed Suede Dash Covers

You can protect your vehicle's dash while adding an upgrade to the interior's appearance with this Brushed Suede Dash Cover that stops harmful UV rays. The custom fit means it has been CAD CAM cut to a precise match that accommodates your dashboard options like storage compartments and never hinders your safety features like airbags and sensors. Constructed of fade-proof materials, you might fit it also helps to reduce glare and cabin heat. Protect yourself and your dash from the harm of hot summer days.

Scott C. - Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating


Perfect Match

Review by Scott C. on 5 Jul 2023review stating Perfect Match

We wanted the lightest colored dash mat to match our BMW's off white interior. Best we found, and it is perfect. Custom design fits amazingly well. All of our other vehicles have had DashMats. We have changed our dedication, for sure.

CoverKing Plugin Custom Stormproof™ Indoor & Outdoor

Custom Stormproof™ Indoor & Outdoor Car Covers

When keeping your vehicle protected from the elements, you might not always have access to a covered parking spot. This is why a Custom Stormproof™ Indoor & Outdoor Car Cover will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is protected from the worst weather and beating sun rays. This cover is from Coverking, so you can trust that it's constructed with quality materials that resist water and UV rays. If you have a place to park inside, this cover protects your paint from dust and scratches.

Charles E. - Verified Buyer

4.0 star rating


Ford Transit Connect

Easy to install and remove. Good coverage and protection.

Premium Indoor Satin Stretch Car Covers

No matter how protected your vehicle is in your garage, you risk getting scratches or having dirt settle into the vents and crevices. With an Indoor Satin Stretch Car Cover, you keep your car looking as good as it did on the showroom floor. This cover is created from a satin outer material and a super plush paint-protecting fleece lining on the inside. Protect your vehicle from long-term storage damage by putting it under wraps with this car cover.

DashDesigns Endura

Endura Floor Mats

Next to your seats and dash, the floors in your vehicle are the most likely to succumb to excessive wear. You can protect the factory carpet by installing a set of Custom Endura Carpet Floor Mats that have been cut to fit your vehicle precisely. With 11 colors to choose from, it's easy to find a matching set of floor mats that will enhance your interior's overall appearance. These mats are rugged, too. Constructed of 100% nylon cut-pile fabric, they'll hold up to boot heels, high heels, and muddy feet while keeping your interior clean. Easy to install and slip-proof.

SHEARCOMFORT-USS Merino Sheepskin Seat Belt Pad

Sheepskin Seat Belt Pads

If you’ve ever tugged and pulled at your shoulder seat belt because it’s uncomfortable, then consider adding a Sheepskin Seat Belt Pad to your vehicle. Not only will your shoulder appreciate the comfort, so will the shoulder of your passenger. These covers add more than a layer of soft comfort to your chest and shoulder; they add a touch of class to your interior. Sheepskin Seat Belt Pads come in a variety of colors that complement your seats. Plus, they’re easy to install.

Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover

Keep your hands – or the hands of a loved one – toasty warm this winter with a Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover that will add soft comfort to your drive. With this steering wheel cover you can ditch the bulky gloves without losing any warmth to your fingers while gaining control over your wheel. While a Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover is best for winter, it will help protect your hands from a hot steering wheel during the summer months, too. Add comfort to your drive with a new steering wheel cover.

US Sheepskin Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt

Sheepskin Wash Mitt

Since you protect the exterior of your vehicle by washing and waxing it regularly, don’t risk scratching the paint with rough, abrasive towels or inferior cleaning rags. A Sheepskin Wash Mitt will bring out the luster of your paint while protecting it from damage from scrubbing. Plus, a mitt is so easy to use. Just put it on your hand and scrub. You’ll have better control over cleaning corners, crevices, and edges than you do with a sponge. Add this cost effective reusable Sheepskin Wash Mitt to your car care kit now.

Remember, there is something on this list for everyone on your gift list this year. Whether shopping for yourself or a friend, these gift ideas will surely put a smile on their face when they unwrap it. Order a few stocking stuffers for your friends with trucks.