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Getting Your Teen in the Driver's Seat

2020 Mar 1st

Getting Your Teen in the Driver's Seat

Posted by David Jones

As a parent, you need to be concerned with all aspects of the life of your children. From the time that they took their first steps, through the school years, you have been monitoring what they do and how they do it. In fact, this part of being a parent will continue through the teen years, and well beyond. However, there is a time when your child will grow up and become more independent. The first major step towards independence for your teenager is getting their driver's license.

While this is a major step in the life of a teenager, and the first important step in becoming an adult, it is a source of concern for parents. But, it does not have to be a constant source of concern if parents take the proper steps in getting their teens properly educated in how to drive. The first step, once they get a learner's permit is to practice. Start your teen driving in parking lots or empty streets so that they can get the feel of a car without the risk of damaging your automobile. Once the new driver is comfortable progress them through busier streets and highways. Also, it is important for them to drive in good and bad weather, day, and night.

It is also important that once they pass the drivers road test, they need to be reminded about the importance of safety on the roads. Knowing the rules of the road is important when they are taking the exam, but also when they are driving on the roadways. Also, they need to be reminded about the dangers of distracted driving. When they are behind the wheel they are responsible for their life as well as others on the road.

To help parents assist their teenagers in becoming safe drivers, here are a few resources that you may find helpful.