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Safe Driving Guide for Beginners

2020 May 1st

Safe Driving Guide for Beginners

Posted by David Jones

An automobile if not operated properly is a 2,000 pound weapon which could cause considerable damage on the roadway. Drivers need to be concerned with the way that they drive an auto as well as how others are driving. Safe driving is an important aspect that all should be concerned with.

There are a number of areas where drivers should be concerned. Elements such as being a defensive driver, being aware of children playing near roadways, driving while impaired, being distracted while driving and more. These are areas that should be a concern of all drivers, but especially newer drivers.

To help newer drivers, we have assembled a collection of resources to review. We hope this helps new drivers, as well as experienced drivers, stay safe on the roadways.

Auto Safety

Defensive Driving

Child Safety

Driving While Impaired

Distracted Driving

Teen Drivers

Additional Resources