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The Top 10 Seat Covers for SUVs

2024 May 17th

The Top 10 Seat Covers for SUVs

Adventure Doesn’t Mean Damage: The Top 10 Seat Covers for SUVs

You love the way your SUV transitions seamlessly from the city to the slopes, tackling everything from mundane jobs like family moves to off-road trips that fuel your adventurous side. But how do you keep your SUV’s refined interiors as sleek as the day you fell in love with them—especially with dogs, kids, and messy hobbies in the mix? Seat covers are the best way to protect your SUV’s seats, while enhancing the style and comfort of your drive.

Here are our top 10 best seat covers for SUVs of all kinds. 

1. SUV Seat Covers that Multitask with You

You’ve got a busy, active lifestyle. That’s why you invested in an SUV: the vehicle that truly says, “I do it all.” Between work and play, family trips and treks, and numerous cups of coffee, you need SUV seat covers that will protect your seats from spills, UV fading, and daily wear, all while being easy to clean.

Enter our Imitation Leather Seat Covers. Available in six sophisticated solid and two-tone color combos, these seat covers provide exceptional protection and a cost-effective way to get the look of real leather. Perfect for keeping your interiors sleek and clean on the go! Just wipe down with a damp cloth and move on to the next adventure.

Need something more heavy duty? If your SUV gets extra wear, from pets or industrial use, our Pro-Tect Vinyl Seat Covers boost protection, while remaining easy to clean and sanitize on the go.

2. Protective Power for the Whole Family.

SUVs scream sophistication and fun for the family-minded driver. Maybe you’ve got kids or pets who travel with you day to day. Or maybe it’s a passion for family camping trips and backroad adventures. You need covers that not only match the crisp style of your SUV, but also protect against lots of wear and tear.

There’s no question, ShearComfort’s custom-made Atomic Pro-Tect Seat Covers are the ones for you. Waterproof, highly stain resistant, and designed to prevent UV damage. These seat covers are available in classic tones that match the sophisticated aesthetic of your SUV without compromising protection power!

3. Dog Lover (Mess-Free) Seat Covers

Want something pet-specific to keep your SUV’s interiors protected and enhance the comfort of your dog on the road? Our custom Dog Seat Covers and Protectors are the perfect addition to any SUV..

Take our OEM Seat Covers, which stand up to industrial wear and are ideal for pet-focused drivers who want to protect their seats from hair, dirt, and water.

Looking for something designed specifically to reduce mess and enhance your dog’s comfort? Our Atomic and Camo Universal Pet Seat Covers are a pet’s dream and make cleaning easy on the go! They can also be used as an add-on, on top of a nice set of luxury seat covers. Quickly install when you have your furry friends traveling with you, remove when you have other passengers in the rear seats.

4. Quality Coverage, Rustic Aesthetic

If you want top-quality coverage, combined with a rustic, Western style that makes your SUV scream adventure, our Saddle Blanket Seat Covers are the perfect pick for you.

These covers add strength and durability to your seats, keeping dust and spills away from your original upholstery without fail. Made with an 800 Denier polyester/nylon blend, these covers combine a DWR topcoat and PU undercoat for high abrasion resistance and heavy duty protection.

Available in a different selection of colors, these covers are the perfect blend of protection and adventurous style.

5. No Fear for Intense Wear

If you want the highest level of protection for your SUV and a full waterproof guarantee, our CORDURA®WaterproofSeat Covers are the best option for you. Made with high-wearing, 500-Denier CORDURA® material, these covers offer full coverage, protecting your seats from all sides.

Perfect for industrial use, and larger dogs, these SUV seat covers stand up to the heaviest work wear, dog hair, claws, mud, and dirt!

6. Sports Enthusiasts Unite!

Maybe style is a primary concern for you, and you want something that will help your interiors match the sporty two-toned exterior of your SUV.

You’re in luck! Our versatile Neo-Supreme Seat Covers offer a premium sporty style, great overall protection, and are compatible with heated and cooled seats!

Made of automotive-grade Neoprene style material. Our Neo-Supreme Seat Covers are durable, water resistant, and UV protected! Available in a variety of solid and two-toned colors, these are the ideal sporty seat covers for your SUV.

7. The Luxury Aficionados Dream

Nothing says classic luxury like leather, and your sleek SUV deserves the best. Enter our Genuine Leather Seat Covers. Made in collaboration with Coverking, these car seat covers are luxury at its finest, enhancing style and increasing comfort in one fell swoop!

Plus, these covers are perfectly fitted and UV-treated to protect against the sun’s fading power.

8. Faux Leather Love

Okay, maybe you love the look of leather but want to avoid the real thing. Here at ShearComfort, we’ve still got you covered.

Our luxury Sof-Touch Imitation Leather Seat Covers look like genuine leather and are super soft to the touch. Manufactured by Ruff Tuff Products, these covers are durable, water and mildew resistant, and sure to maximize the longevity of your SUV’s interior by effectively protecting against spills, stains, and UV rays.

Everything you want from leather car seat covers, without the leather!

9. Comfort and Adventure Combined

Style, check. Protection, check. What you want is comfort. Our Sheepskin Seat Covers provide the very best in comfort, using the finest Australian merino sheepskin!

These covers come in nine beautiful colors and are available in Universal, Semi- Custom, and Tailor-Made fits.

They’re comfortable and naturally insulated, keeping you warm and cozy even on winter adventures.

10. Camo-chic for the Great Outdoors

If you want your SUV’s interiors to really reflect the wilderness hobbies that you love, our Luxury Realtree Camo Seat Covers are perfect for you.

These covers are the best of both worlds, merging protection and style. Durable and highly water resistant, these covers are made from a 600 Denier polyester/nylon blend and feature a DWR topcoat and PU undercoat to keep them resistant to abrasions and liquid spills.

Available in many intricate Realtree camo designs, these SUV seat covers are the very best in camouflage style and function!

Here at ShearComfort, we make choosing quality, custom-made SUV car seat covers easy! Whether your primary concern is protection, comfort, style, or a unique combination of the three, we’ve got the perfect set of covers ready to become the ultimate addition to your SUV.