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The Perfect Fit Custom Seat Covers

Even though Saab is no longer manufacturing vehicles, the Swedish company impacted the vehicle industry. Known for model names that consisted of numbers (occasionally letters), Saab brought luxury to the roadway, even today. Anyone who owns a Saab knows that only the best goes into it, and seat covers are no exception. ShearComfort provides Saab owners with custom-cut Saab seat covers to meet and exceed expectations.

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Only the Finest in Saab Seat Covers

Car owners, not just Saab owners, know the importance of having seat covers. Seat covers are what keep the original seat of the car in pristine condition or hide the years of staining and wear from previous owners or sheer age. Saab owners know how important it is to have a quality Saab seat cover that perfectly fits their Swedish car’s seats.

One of the most comfortable seat covers you will find for Saab from ShearComfort are Sheepskin seat covers. These covers are available in nine colors and offer plush comfort. If you want soft but don’t want Sheepskin, the Premium Fleece is popular and comes in five colors. Both choices offer protection and water resistance.

Prefer something more along the line of luxury? ShearComfort’s Luxury Line of seat covers features Saab-worthy materials, including Sof-Touch Imitation Leather and Luxury Kryptek. Both of these offer premium protection and unbelievable style that is custom and made-to-order for your Saab.

You will find products for the following years: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007-1974.

We offer seat covers for the following Saab vehicles: 9 3, 9 7X, 9 2X, 900 / 9000, 99 EM, and more.