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Travel with your furry friends without worrying about seat damage or mess from hair, dirt, and water with ShearComfort's pet car seat covers. Our dog car seat covers are designed for maximum protection of your original upholstery and come in custom fit or universal options.

Whether you prefer to have your pet in the front or back seat, our Custom pet seat covers will fit your seats perfectly and protect them from damage. With Shearcomfort pet car seat covers, you'll have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. Our universal-fitting pet seat covers offer cost-effective protection for many vehicles. Many of our customers will also buy fully fitted custom seat covers for everyday use, and then choose Universal dog car seat covers to go on top, when they have their dog in the vehicle. This gives them double protection. The Custom Seat Covers can stay on your vehicle permanently, and the Universal Pet Seat Cover can be quickly installed on top and easily removed when you travel with your dog. This universal pet seat cover will catch any sand, pet hair, or debris, and then just shake off and tuck away when you don’t need it for everyday use. If any pet stuff makes it under your Universal pet car seat covers, it can be easily vacuumed or wiped clean from your Custom-fitted seat covers. Your original upholstery will have double protection from anything your pet brings into the vehicle! Both options are made with waterproof and tear-resistant materials, ensuring that your original seats stay clean and damage-free, no matter where your travels (and pets) take you.

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Custom Fit Pet Seat Covers

Our custom-fit car seat covers for dogs provide the best protection for your car's interior. The Custom, exact-fit pet seat covers for truck and cars will fit snugly to your seats giving you a perfect non-slip fit no matter how rambunctious your doggie gets while waiting for you in your vehicle. Waterproof CORDURA® Seat Covers are one of the best choices for medium to large dogs. These Custom dog seat covers for trucks and cars can be vacuumed and easily wiped down in place with out the need to be removed. Your seats will be 100% protected!

Repairing damaged seats can be costly, and universal pet seat covers alone may not prevent all damage. The Custom fitted car seat covers for dogs may take 1-2 hours to install the first time, but can be left on vehicle giving you permanent, long lasting, protection and good looks. Our custom fit seat covers for dogs, will give you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Universal Pet Seat Covers

Our Universal pet car seat covers offer affordable protection for a variety of Cars, Trucks, or SUVs. These are designed to be easy on, easy off, pet car seat covers. They can snap on in a minute, when your dog is traveling in your vehicle. They hook around headrests and at the center, where the seat bottom meets the backrest. Choose the hammock style dog car seat covers to keep dogs from jumping into the front seats. Made of waterproof and tear-resistant material, these car seat pet covers will keep your original upholstery clean and reduce damage when traveling with your pets.

Pet Protection for Front and Back Seats

Whether you prefer your pet in the front seat or the back, we have you covered. Our Custom pet seat covers for trucks and cars come in front and back seat options and fit your seat configuration perfectly. Whether you need bucket seat covers or bench seat covers, we've got you covered. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, long hair, short hair, and in between. Be sure to choose the right custom pet seat cover material for your dog!

Choosing the right material for your pet

When choosing custom pet seat covers for car seats it is important to get the right fabric depending on the breed and size of your dog. Not all custom seat covers are good for dogs. We don’t recommend getting cloth or woven fabric for your car seat pet covers. You need a material that is non-absorbent, durable, waterproof, and easy to clean without removing the seat covers. The best and most popular pet car seat covers are Waterproof CORDURA®. These will be an exact-fit for your seats and allow the seats to flip and fold as they are intended to be used. Some times your little pet friend will need to stay on one side of the seat while the other side is folded down to accommodate other stuff. Only custom made pet seat covers will allow for this. The Waterproof Cordura has all the properties you need in a pet seat cover and it also gives your dog more comfort then being on leather or vinyl seats. Waterproof CORDURA®is the best, and also top selling, custom pet seat covers. If you want a unique style and pattern, any of the Cordura / Canvas style Camo Seat Covers will work as great pet seat covers for trucks, and also have a cool look that matches your style! All of the Cordura style custom dog seat covers for trucks and cars are designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle.

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