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Must Have Car Accessories for Long Drives | ShearComfort

2024 Jan 30th

Must Have Car Accessories for Long Drives | ShearComfort

Must Have Car Accessories for Long Drives

Some of the best accessories for a car are the ones that make driving long distances comfortable and easy on the body. The best accessories for your car will be durable and attractive. While many of the best car interior accessories include products like custom seat covers and floor mats, there are many other accessories that will make that long drive comfortable.

Why is Being Comfortable during Long Drives Important

Whether you’re headed off on a long-awaited vacation or a weekend getaway, driving can be exhausting if you get uncomfortable or your seats are lumpy. Making sure that you’re relaxed means that you’ll be more alert and less stressed. If you find yourself shifting from side to side in your seat, you may need a break or better seats. Some of the best car interior accessories are designed to take the stress out of driving, so you can go further without needing a break.

Here are some of the best accessories for a car that will make long distant trips much easier on you:

Custom Floor Mats - Maintaining a Clean and Fresh Environment

One of the best accessories for a car that you can buy is one that protects your vehicle’s interior from damage that happens every time you get in and get out of your vehicle. A set of custom floor mats will put a protective layer between your feet and your factory carpet.

Endura Floor Mats

When you order a set of custom floor mats like the Endura Carpet Floor Mats, you get a 100% nylon cut-pile fabric with fortified edges that not only hold its shape, but are CAD cut to be an exact fit for your footwell. By being an exact fit, these mats will completely cover your existing carpet. Rubber nibs keep them in place, and with 11 colors to choose from, you’ll find the right color for your vehicle.

If they get dirty, shake them out the next time you stop and maintain a clean and fresh driving environment.

Backseat Organizers - Organization and Convenience

A backseat organizer may not seem like a top vehicle accessory, but you’ll be glad you have it if you travel with kids or pets. This is one of the best car interior accessories you can add to make your drive safer. When you have things organized, you don’t have people rummaging around looking for snacks, drinks, games, or other essentials. This means less distraction for the driver and reduces the need to stop to find something.

Flex OPS™ Car Organizer

If you’re a hunter traveling with your gear, the Flex OPS™ Car Organizer is a good way to keep everything organized. With multiple pockets, there’s a place for everything. Manufactured by RuffTuff Products, these car organizers are durable and can carry some of the bulkier items you may have like bows, arrows, fly rods, and tactical equipment.

Custom Seat Covers - Seat Comfort and Protection

Another one of the best accessories you can buy for your car is a set of custom seat covers that provide protection and comfort as you drive.

Tailor-Made Sheepskin Seat Covers

When it comes to comfort, there is nothing like sitting on a dense wool seat cover that cushions your legs and backside. It may seem like you could drive for hours without getting tired. Tailor-Made Premium Sheepskin Seat Covers are an exact fit, so they protect your entire seat and won’t ridden up. Not only are these seat covers soft, but they’re also durable and washable, so they can withstand wear and tear and are water resistant. 

Semi-Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers

Semi-Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers give you the softness of Merino wool without the cost of having them custom fit. They are made to match your seat’s dimensions, so they are a well-fitted product, but only available as front seat covers. These seat covers are kid-friendly and durable, so you can travel long distances in comfort. With nine colors to choose from, there’s a color that matches your interior.

While you’re adding Merino wool to your interior, add these car essentials accessories:

Merino Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover

Merino Sheepskin Seat Belt Pad

Window Tints and Shades - Enhancing the Driving Experience

It may seem like a little thing, but another car essentials accessory is window tint or shades. When you travel long distances, the sun changes with every mile, so a good tint will help keep the interior of your vehicle cooler for you, your passengers, and your pets. They also offer a little privacy.

Pet Seat Covers - Traveling with Pets

Photo by Genadi Yakovlev

Photo by Genadi Yakovlev

If you’re traveling with your pet, you want them to be comfortable on long trips. One of the ways you help them stay relaxed while on the road is by adding a seat cover just for them. Here are two of the top vehicle accessories for pet owners who travel:

Universal Pet Seat Covers

ShearComfort’s Universal Pet Seat Covers are made from durable materials that will protect your seats from dirt, sand, slobber, and dog toenails. It is made from a non-slip material that offers comfort for your pup. You can give your dog a place to lay their head with the optional head bolster. This seat cover has openings for the seat belts, so you can belt your pup in.

Atomic and Camo Universal Pet Seat Covers

You might as well make your pet comfortable while adding a dash of good looks to your interior. The Atomic and Camo Universal Pet Seat Covers offer the highest protection you can get. They are comprised of 600 Denier Polyester with DWR Top Coat and PVC Undercoat, which makes them waterproof, abrasion resistant, breathable, and fade-proof. Choose from one of 13 colors and patterns, like Realtree and Mossy Oak.

Sunshades - Seasonal Considerations

No matter where you drive, if you’re parking in the sun, you should protect the interior of your vehicle with a sunshade.

Silver Shield Custom Sun Shades

Not only do sunshades keep your interior cooler in the summer, but they also help protect your dash from cracking and fading. This sun shade can help lower the temperature in your vehicle by up to 50º and is made from 3-ply laminate that reflects the sun’s light.

Retractable Sun Shades

The retractable sun shade from Dash Designs® also protects the interior of your car or truck by blocking out harmful UV rays. They also come in a variety of patterns, so you can express yourself while keeping your car cool during the summer. This sun shade comes with mounting brackets.

First Aid Kits - Safety Essentials

Photo by Roger Brown

A well-stocked first aid kit is a top vehicle accessory when it comes to travel. The kit should have basics like bandages, antiseptics, pain relievers, and any necessary medications. It's also wise to include items like a flashlight, a blanket, and a small tool kit for unexpected problems. If you travel with your pet, make sure you have one specifically for dogs or cats.


Traveling is always fun, and when you’re relaxed and energized, a car trip is a good way to explore the country and meet people from other areas. You never know when you might find a place that you would like to call home. The best car interior accessories keep you focused on the road and take the hard work out of driving long distances.