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The Perfect Fit Custom Seat Covers

Oldsmobile was one of the elite five brands, slotted in the middle of the GM line-up. Oldsmobile is responsible for manufacturing over 35 million vehicles during the course of the manufacturer’s existence. It was the technology and designs that set Oldsmobile apart in the crowd, but it wasn’t enough to save the brand when sales began rapidly declining. GM stopped manufacturing Oldsmobile vehicles in 2004, despite it being one of the oldest surviving American automobile marque at the time. ShearComfort knows that Oldsmobile owners want to preserve the quality and integrity of their vehicle, which is why Oldsmobile seat covers are custom-made based on the model, year, and trim of the individual car.

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Luxury Oldsmobile Seat Covers Available

If you drive an Oldsmobile, you know that there is something special about an Oldsmobile. Many Oldsmobile owners keep their cars in the best shape they can, restoring and protecting them, especially with ShearComfort’s custom-fitted seat covers. Whether you want luxury or comfort, ShearComfort has a cover for you.

Sheepskin seat covers are a popular selection for comfort and water-resistance. These seat covers offer a dense pile of fibers that won’t pack down after prolonged sitting. The covers are naturally insulated, offering great temperature in all weather conditions. Premium Fleece is another option for those seeking softness for those longer road trips or just for a change in material.

Oldsmobile owners also love the ShearComfort Luxury Line of seat covers. With multiple color combinations available, Sof-Touch Imitation Leather and Luxury Kryptek are two styles that are on the top of every Oldsmobile driver’s list. These luxury covers are durable and provide a better quality than the standard line of covers.

You will find products for the following years: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, and 199-1969.

We offer seat covers for the following Oldsmobile vehicles: G6, Grand Prix, Torrent, Grand Am, Aztec, Sunfire, Solstice, GTO, Fiero, Montana, G3, G5 and Pursuit, G8, Wave, Bonneville, Firebird, Transport, 6000 LE LARGE SEAT, Aztek, G6 Convertible, G8 GT, J2000, and more.