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The original Dodge Dart was manufactured from 1960-1967, but was resurrected as the first car to take up the compact sedan slot after the Dodge Neon was discontinued in 2005. The Dart is also featured numerous safety features giving it an NHTSA five-star score in all categories except roll-over which was four stars. There was no successor for the Dart in the United States and Canada – the category for Dodge seemed to disappear with the discontinuance of the Dart. ShearComfort has the custom-fit Dodge Dart seat covers to fit this resurrected compact design, despite only running for four years.

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Buy Dodge Dart Seat Covers for Your Compact Sedan

More than anything, Dodge Dart owners want to ride around on seats that are comfortable. Seat covers from ShearComfort are designed to be durable, and made to fit your car’s design flawlessly. The most popular seat cover for the Dodge Dart is Neo-Supreme. Neo-Supreme seat covers are made from neoprene-style material, which is automotive-grade material that is suitable for everyday wear. It also comes in over 18 different color combinations.

Sheepskin is called the most comfortable option by Dodge Dart owners. These seat covers are bathed in a thick, plush, dense fibered material that is breathable and offers protection at the same time. Even with extended use, the fibers will not pack down. Along the same soft touch category, the shorter piled Velour is another option for Dodge Dart seat covers. These seat covers are also custom-made and offer drivers and passengers versatility, variety, and value.

The Dodge Dart was only available for these model years: 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013.

During the 4-year run, the Dart was available in these trim levels:SE, SXT, Limited, Aero, GT.

Even though it was only manufactured for a short time, the Dodge Dart can still be seen on the road today. The modern design and ShearComfort’s Dodge Dart seat covers are a match made in heaven!

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