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Waterproof CORDURA® Seat Covers

Made in USA
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ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® 40/20/40
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® 40/20/40 Infographic
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® Bucket Seats
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® front seats
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® front seats
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA®  front seats
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® back seats
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® front seats
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® front and rear seats
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® rear seats
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA®
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA®
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® 40/20/40 front
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® 40/20/40 side
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® 40/20/40 back
ShearComfort Waterproof CORDURA® Dog Proof

SALE $ 283.49 $ 404.99
30% off
or 4 interest-free payments as low as $283.49 with AfterPay Logo
Fits Your Vehicle
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Waterproof CORDURA®

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Product At A Glance

Product Features

What's Included in My Premium Seat Cover Set?

Check markCustom Seat Covers 
Check markAir Bag Alterations
Check markHeadrest Covers    
Check markMap Pockets               
Check markArmrest Covers (for armrests attached to bucket seats)                             
Check markCenter Console Cover (for 40/20/40 seat types only)

Options included where applicable       

Cordura Seat Cover Features  


  • Ideal for Heavy Work Use

  • For Outdoor Activities, Hunting, Industry, or Dogs

  • Maximum Protection from Work Tools, Pets Claws, and Other Sharp Objects

  • Easy to Wipe Clean While On the Job or On the Go

  • CORDURA® Seat Covers are Perfect for Dogs


  • 500 Denier Genuine CORDURA® Fabric

  • Waterproof/Spill Proof

  • Tear Resistant

  • Heavy Wear and Abrasion Resistance

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ShearComfort's CORDURA® Waterproof Seat Covers’ main priority is protection. If you want waterproof seat covers that fully protects your seats against heavy use, ShearComfort’s custom Cordura seat covers are a great option for you. These extremely rugged, Cordura truck seat covers are made with 500 Denier Genuine CORDURA® material that is high-wearing and abrasion resistant. This is a great product for anyone whose main focus is protection of your original upholstery. Custom Cordura seat covers are Waterproof, Work Proof, and Dog Proof.

Choosing The Right Fabric 

We want to make sure if you are ordering custom Cordura seat covers that they are the right seat cover for your needs. Cordura seat covers are a heavy duty-use seat cover. Cordura truck seat covers offer the best protection that you can get for industry or heavy duty usage. And when it comes to these waterproof, heavy duty seat covers, protection is their primary purpose.

ShearComfort’s best Cordura seat covers will take a beating and last a long time. Due to the heavy-duty nature of CORDURA®, the material is not recommended for customers looking for high levels of comfort for daily driving. Custom Cordura seat covers will have a rougher feel and a stiffer fabric than many other seat cover styles. That's not to say CORDURA® is uncomfortable, but if heavy duty use and waterproof seat covers are not a top priority for you, consider our Neo-Supreme or Sof-Touch Imitation Leather seat covers which would be more comfortable and better looking.

All of our seat covers offer different levels of protection and comfort. CORDURA® is one of our toughest but we want to make sure you get a material that's right for your everyday use. Every material has its purpose. For 500 Denier Genuine CORDURA®, above all it is maximum protection. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with your seat covers and to order a material that will be best for your needs.

In order to give you all of the information about this material, we have broken the fabrics features into "The 3 Proofs about CORDURA®" in the Specifications tab.


  • Genuine CORDURA® Looks and Feels Similar to a Heavy Duty Backpack or some sport bag Fabrics -- This is a Tough & Rugged Material

  • Customers Order Cordura Truck Seat Covers to Protect Their Work Trucks (including Dodge Ram, Ford F150, and Chevy Silverado)

  • CORDURA® is the Perfect Material to be Used as Dog Seat Covers, Offering Maximum Protection from wet dogs and pet hair

CORDURA® is Waterproof

Waterproof seat covers are sometimes a requirement. The best Cordura seat covers will be treated with a polyurethane backing coat and a DWR top finish for 100% waterproofing. At ShearComfort we only use the best Cordura seat cover fabric. There are many lines of work where spilling or staining can occur. It isn't easy trying to clean a spill, let alone trying to remove a stain once it sets. We suggest ShearComfort waterproof seat covers if you require maximum protection from spills and stains.

CORDURA® is Work Proof

If you can imagine what luggage is made of, these durable seat covers are very similar. You may even have hunting gear or work pants that are made from CORDURA®.  It is used in a lot of construction and military apparel.

Heavy duty Cordura truck seat covers will stand up against dirt, mud, dust, and any debris that may come with an industrial environment. Since the material is tear resistant, sharp or heavy tools won't be able to puncture it, either.

CORDURA® is Dog Proof

These tough, durable Cordura car seat covers are exactly what every large dog owner needs. No more blankets or towels on the seats with these waterproof seat covers! If your dog loves to swim or hike, but you hate the dirty, sopping mess that comes with it, our Cordura seat covers will stop your original upholstery from getting wet, sandy and muddy after a day at the beach or on the trails. These will make a world of difference. You can easily vacuum and wipe your seats clean from dog hair, drool, and anything else that comes with the territory of being a dog owner.

As these durable seat covers are also abrasion and scuff resistant, you'll be happy knowing your dogs' claws can't tear through the material. Consider putting covers in the rear seats so your dogs can have their own spot in the car. Our waterproof car seat covers will transform your back seat into a dog-proof zone.

Disclaimer: The photos seen on our site are representations of the products, materials, and colors we sell. We cannot guarantee all designs will appear the exact same as seen in the photo.

What Makes These Custom-Made?

Our Custom-Made Seat Covers are designed specifically for your vehicle’s year, make, model, and seat configuration. They are made to order in the material and color of your choosing. When producing your seat covers, a laser-cut technology is used with the exact measurements to ensure your product will conform to your seats and its’ contours. Our custom-made seat covers are guaranteed to fit your vehicle’s seats perfectly.

Shipping & Returns 

FREE SHIPPING Over $99 to Mainland US and Canadian Provinces

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're here to help. If you have any questions or concerns with the product you receive, please contact us within 30 days of delivery.


2 Year Risk-Free Warranty 

This product comes with a 2 Year Risk-Free Warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty excludes daily wear and tear, accidental damage, or wear because of improper use or installation.


Seat Cover Installation

For a product specific installation guide please click here.

Fabric At a Glance
Fabric Ratings
  • Protection: 5 out of 5
  • Comfort: 3.5 out of 5
  • Durability: 5 out of 5
  • Fit: 4 out of 5
Fabric Features
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy Duty
  • Side Airbag Safe
  • Dog Friendly
  • Easily Wiped Clean
  • Heated Seat Compatible
Product Brand
Luxury Line
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