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Our top of the line Acura seat covers are hand cut and sewn for a perfect fit, contouring precisely to the curves of your Acura seats. More info

Our top of the line Acura seat covers are hand cut and sewn for a perfect fit, contouring precisely to the curves of your Acura seats. More Info [+]

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Acura is all about luxury and precision. Each one of their vehicles, whether it is the MDX, RSX, TL / Vigor, RDX or TSX, pushes the boundaries within the automotive industry. ShearComfort is all for luxury and precision when it comes to our Tailor-Made Sheepskin seat covers.

Our other Sheepskin options also enhance the level of luxury in your Acura interior, and are a little more economical. Our Acura seat covers are precisely what you need to transform your interior into a haven of comfort and luxury.

Protecting your Acura seat from spills and stains that may happen during you daily commute to and from work is important in maintaining the value and of course, the luxury. ShearComfort seatcovers add that necessary protection. We sell our customers quality seat covers for Acura that ensure the value remains intact. The best option for your Acura is Sheepskin. Without a doubt, one of our most comfort and luxurious seat covers and Acura accessories that will make a dramatic difference in your vehicle's interior.

Our Premium and Tailor-Made options are handmade specific to the make, year, and model for your Acura seats. We want to make you enjoy your drive that much more with these guaranteed-to-fit seat covers. Our Premium option is 100% Real Sheepskin while the Tailor-Made option will be both Imitation Sheepskin (on the skirt and back of the backrest) and Real Merino Sheepskin (on the cushion and front of the backrest). They may also be the option of Custom Sheepskin seat covers that provide you with comparable comfort at a lower cost. While these are 100% Merino Sheepskin, they are ready-made Sheepskin that will fit your seat type, but are not handcrafted for your specific vehicle.

If you would like to find out what Acura seat cover is available for you, start by selecting the Year, Make, and Model of your Vehicle above. Select Sheepskin and look for the "View Prices" button on the next page. If you have an older Acura RSX, CSX, 1.7 EL Sedan or the Integra, there are other fabrics of custom seat covers available for you to choose from.

Acura RSX seat covers, Acura Integra seat covers, and Acura CSX seat covers are also available in some of our other fabrics. Please choose your specific vehicle at the top to view availability.

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Customer Reviews for Acura Seat Covers

james l - Winnipeg, MB
Product: Sheepskin
Vehicle: 2018 Acura RDX

Date: 2018-12-13
Product Review: Happy with them: very well put together and the sheepskin marterial itself is excellent. Fit leaves something to be desired though: both seats have excess material on the top inboard corner of the seatback that does not conform to the backrest contour properly.
General Experience: Well packaged and received them earlier than promised.
jeanmarc p - Surrey, BC
Product: Sheepskin
Vehicle: 2009 Acura TSX

Date: 2017-03-31
Product Review: very satisfied with the product so far : had it for about two months
General Experience: nothing negative to say
philip c - Toronto, ON
Product: Sheepskin
Vehicle: 2010 Acura TL / Vigor

Date: 2016-09-29
Product Review: The covers themselves are awesome. Unfortunately the straps that hold them in place, while attached firmly to the seat, do not hold the cover in place as I get in to the car, which concerns me as I know that means they are getting pulled each time I get in the car, risking breakage.
olivia r - Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Product: Sheepskin
Vehicle: 2015 Acura RDX

Date: 2015-11-12
Product Review: Im in my sheepskin covers arrived and I was so excited about them that I had to install them immediately. I couldnt wait for help to arrive. Although I thought they were a little tough to install by myself I was very happy with how they looked when I was done. They did shed a little at first but I vacuumed them and then no problems. Everyone that sits in my Acura loves, loves these high quality covers. As a matter of fact one of my friends ordered covers for her truck the next day after enjoying a ride in my car.
kevin m - Arden, NC
Product: Sheepskin
Vehicle: 1997 Acura TL / Vigor

Date: 2015-10-19
Product Review: Wish I had known you had a device for pulling hooks in bottom of box!! They fit great and feel even better. Winter is coming. I can appreciate a company that has good service and products. I was surprised to hear back via e-mail and was then able to speak with one of your people to make sure I got the right covers. Good job.