All About Emergency and Rescue Vehicles

Written by David Jones

There are many different types of emergency vehicles that help our communities stay safe. In order to arrive quickly to where they are needed most emergency vehicles have the authority to drive faster than the speed limit or to run traffic signals. Emergency cars and trucks all have unique designs to set them apart from normal cars, that way you know that their drivers are community helpers such as paramedics and police officers. Below are some lesson plans and activities to help kids learn more about emergency workers.

Police Car

Not only do police officers help aid the public with emergencies but they also enforce the law by investigating crimes. To do this they need their police squad cars so they can arrive at the scene fast, as well as patrol the neighborhood. The flashing lights and sirens in a squad car help others know when an officer needs to drive fast to their next location. Cop cars also have other equipment such as radios to communicate with each other, special car seats for suspects, and sometimes special kennel seats for police dogs!

Fire Trucks

A firefighting apparatus is any vehicle that is designed to help put out fires. Did you know that if the vehicle pumps water it's called a fire engine? If the firefighter's vehicle does not pump water it's called a fire truck. Fire vehicles also have loud sirens and flashing lights like a police car so they can quickly transport firefighters to the scene. Many firefighters work at departments in towns or cities, but there are also some who go outside of towns to help put out forest fires. Many firefighters are taught first aid and have training to help assist with medical emergencies. Firefighting vehicles have a lot of special tools and equipment in their trucks such as ladders and high pressure hoses to help put out fires.


If someone is sick or injured they may need an ambulance to take them to the hospital. These trucks have their own mobile clinics on board so that paramedics can help assist the patient by providing medicine and first aid care while on the road. The paramedics that operate the ambulance are health care professionals so they are able to assist in many different emergency situations before they reach the hospital. They drive very fast too, if there is a crisis since their sirens and lights let other drivers know to pull over so they can get the patient to safety.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency workers are always ready to help you if there is a crisis, but it's always good to be prepared ahead of time. Below are some tips for learning more about safety and emergency preparedness so you can make a plan with your family.

Activities for Further Learning