Install Your Universal Pet Seat Cover

How to Install Your Universal Pet Seat Cover With or Without Head Bolster

1. Remove your seat cover from the plastic bag and lay out flat

2. Identify the side with the non-slip back (it will be gray or white).

3. Place the non-slip back side face down on your rear/back seat

4. Insert the seat anchors (rubber handles or foam dowels) in between the crevice of your seat and seat back. Ensure the anchors are inserted far enough to hold in place.

5. Place the adjustable headrest straps over your car’s headrests and tighten the straps.

6. Attach the elastic hooks at the end of the cover to the underside or side of your car’s back seat.

Note: If there is no place to hook to the bottom of your seat: remove the hooks with the quick release buckle and use as is. The seat protector will still stay in place and remained secured to the seat.