Before Installing Your Seat Covers

• Prior to installation, please inspect your seat covers fully. Ensure all pieces are present, there are no quality concerns, and the correct seat configuration for your vehicle. If you have any concerns about your seat covers, DO NOT install them before contacting us so we may assist you.

• All ShearComfort seat covers are designed to slip over your original upholstery. These are not re-upholstery kits. DO NOT remove the existing upholstery before installing.

Safety Feature Information

You May Have the Following Safety Features:

• Side Air Bag Safety – If your vehicle has side impact air bags, your seat covers must be altered to accommodate this safety feature. DO NOT install the seat covers if there are no accommodations for the side air bags, like a Velcro, flap, stitched opening, or stop-gap stitching on the backrest.

• Headrests - Some vehicles can have active headrests. This means there is a wire running from the headrest into the backrest. DO NOT remove the headrest if you have this safety feature. Alterations should have been made to install the seat covers without removing the headrests, may appear as a Velcro opening or zipper.

You May Now Begin Your Installation

STEP ONE: Removing Your Headrests & Seat Bib (If Applicable)

How to Remove Your Headrests

• If you have removable headrests, you will start by removing them to begin installing your seat covers. Please note this only applies to headrests which are fully adjustable.

• Some vehicles will come with built-in headrest (high back buckets) or folding headrests or active headrests where you DO NOT need to remove the headrest.

Tips for Headrest Removal

• Button Removal: Many vehicles have removable headrests that can be taken out by pushing one or two buttons on the plastic cap located at the bottom of the headrest post.

• Pinhole Release: Some vehicles will have a small pin hole on either of the plastic moldings. use a small finishing nail or paper clip and insert it to push the release mechanism inside the plastic.

• Button & Pinhole Release: In some cases, vehicles may have both. Press on the push button while inserting a finishing nail or paper clip into the pin hole release at the same time.

• Clip Removal: In rare cases, vehicles may have a clip located under the plastic cap. Locate the ends of the clip and use a screwdriver to push the clip out the other side.

• Rotating Cap: In some older vehicles, the plastic cap needs to be rotated counterclockwise to remove the headrest.

• Buttons Under Upholstery: In some luxury vehicles, the push button is located under the original upholstery. Feel for the button and push inwards on it to release the headrest.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure if your headrests can be removed, please contact us before attempting to remove them.

How to Detach Your Seat Bib (Carpeting Flap)

1. If applicable, remove the elastics or clips holding the carpeting flap located below the backrest cover, this will allow you to properly pass the front straps/Velcro towards the back.

2. The elastics or clips will be wrapped around the metal brackets under the cushion.

STEP TWO: Install Your Seat Covers

How to Install Your Seat Covers

1. Start at the top, pulling the seat cover over the shoulder of the seat backrest. Smooth out the sides and the backrest of the seat, making sure the seat cover is centered on the seat.

2. Push the center straps through the space between the backrest and the seat cushion. At the same time, reach around and pull the straps through. This can be made easier by either kneeling on the cushion or tilting the seat backrest to increase the space.

3. From the back seat area, pull center straps and hook to the underside of the seat. This hook can be fastened to the springs or any fixed metal edges, etc. DO NOT hook to electrical wires or the sliding track of the seat.

4. When attaching the strap, look for an anchor spot and then keep your head well out of the way when pulling and fastening straps; a sudden release of the strap can cause injuries. Always wear protective eyeglasses.

5. Push side straps between seat back and bottom at each side of the seat. Pull down and back, hooking to the underside of the seat. DO NOT put straps in the way of the sliding track of the seat.

6. Pull seat cover forward and smooth out over the seat cushions and sides. Pull straps at front and hook to the underside of the seat.

7. Sit in seat to make sure cover has assumed proper position on the seat.

8. When hooking the straps to the underside of the seat, you may have better access by moving the seat forward, back, or up.

Special Instructions

Integrated Seatbelts (SIR)

If you have integrated seat belts, open Velcro side closure on cover and pass the front of the cover underneath the seat belt before closing the Velcro again and proceeding with installation.


If you have armrests, while pulling the seat back cover down, pull the armrest through. Tuck the material of the cover in around the armrest, then put the armrest cover on halfway inside out and unroll the rest of the way down.

STEP THREE: Cutting Your Headrest Holes

How to Cut Your Headrest Holes

NOTE: This step applies only for cars with removable headrests. This is done on Custom and Tailor-Made as headrest post holes can not be pre-cut on Sheepskin Seat Covers and you can obtain a better look when cutting the headrest holes once seat covers are installed.

1. When sitting in the back seat, reach underneath the shoulder cap of seat cover and feel for the hole that the headrest post feeds into. At the same time, line up with a sharp knife, from the top side of the seat cover.

2. Lift the seat cover up and away from the seat, keeping your fingers out of the way, and make a small cut big enough for the headrest post. Make sure you cut through the sheepskin and lining.

3. Insert one of the headrest posts through the sheepskin and just into the top of the hole in seat. This will keep the one side in position and allow for correct spacing for the 2 headrest posts. Repeat the above for the other headrest post.

4. The headrest can now be reinserted, and you can adjust to the correct height by reaching under the seat cover or feeling the adjustment button through the seat cover.

STEP FOUR: Install Your Headrest Covers (If Applicable)

Please Note: These are tailor-made accessories and additional upgrades. They are add-ons to your order.

How to Install Your Headrest Covers

1. Install your headrest covers with the headrests inserted into the seats (it is much more difficult to install the covers if they are not anchored into the backrest for stability).

2. Identify the front and back of the headrest cover (the back of the cover is where the wide elastic at the bottom begins and ends; if there is no wide elastic, you should be able to orientate the cover by the shape of the headrest).

3. With the headrest installed in the seat, pull down on the front and back of the headrest cover.

4. Once on, however, the headrest will be able to expand to its natural shape. Note that the elastic edge of the headrest cover is meant to cup along the bottom edge of the headrest to reduce puckering.

5. Adjust cover to fit. DO NOT pull on the side flaps.

6. Smooth cover in place and tuck in around any buttons.

7. Headrest covers will either have an elastic edge or a Velcro closure.

8. Attach Velcro together and tuck inside flaps, if applicable.

Additional Tips

• Try turning the cover half inside out, positioning the top and rolling the cover down.

• Ensure all the seams are aligned for proper fit.

• Center rear headrests may have two holes in the back of the cover. Feed the posts through these holes before proceeding.

STEP FIVE: Install Your Top Lid Console & Armrest Covers (If Applicable)

Please Note: These are tailor-made accessories and additional upgrades. They are add-ons to your order.

Top Lid Console Covers

1. Lift your console lid into the open position.

2. Secure the nose and tail of the console cover around the front edge and rear of the console lid.

3. Connect the Velcro fastening system under the console lid.

Armrest Cover(s)

1. Align your covers with the armrest and slide it on like a sock.

2. Adjust the armrest cover so that the sewing seams align with the armrest’s seams.

3. Connect the Velcro fastening system at the rear of the armrest.