Custom Seat Cover Installation

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Please Note: The installation instructions below are general for most vehicles. Some seat covers may come with different variations that are unique to specific seats.

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Begin with the Bottom Cushion Installation:

Most vehicles equipped with side air bags will have a protective fabric or plastic flap on the back of the seat that extends down underneath the cushion ("Seat Bib"). In order for you to install your seat covers you will need to detach this flap which will allow you to feed the straps between the seat back and bottom.

For a video on how to do this please visit the following link

  1. The seat cover bottom cushions may be different for the driver and passenger sides. The shorter side of the cushion goes on the door side and will tuck between the plastic trim on the outside of your seat and the seat cushion itself. On some vehicles the seat covers may have cut outs on the sides for levers, knobs, or switches, if so match the cut outs to the correct side.

  2. Slide the cover over the front of the seat cushion. Pull the seat cover toward the back of the cushion, aligning the seams on the seat cover with the seams of your seat. Push the straps through the gap between the backrest and cushion. (Figure A).

  3. Feed the front straps under the seat until they reach the back, if there are wires beneath your seat, ensure that the straps go above it and do not interfere with the movement of the seat.

  4. Attach the straps to the appropriate buckle and tighten up the straps pulling gently and holding the other strap firmly until snug. Note: Do not pull aggressively on the end of the strap as this may cause the strap to detach from the cover.

Next proceed with the Backrest Installation:

1. Removing your headrests: most headrests will remove simply by pushing a button on the plastic cap that your headrest posts go into.

  • If your headrest does not completely remove, look for a small pin hole on the plastic cap your post goes in to. You will need to insert a small nail or paper clip into this hole to release the locking pin allowing your headrest to pull off.

  • For a video on how to do this please visit the following link

  • Some vehicles may have a locking pin on both caps. (Figure B)

  • For vehicles with non-removable or active headrests your seat covers will come equipped with a Velcro top. Open the Velcro and slip the backrest over the headrest.

2. Slip the backrest of the seat cover over the backrest of your seat and pull down tight, lining up the seams on the front and side panels with the seams on the seat. (Figure C)

NOTE: For vehicles equipped with seat mounted side impact air bags your seat covers will have a flap sewn into the side panel of the backrests. Please ensure that your backrests are installed with the Flap facing the door side of your seats.

Align the pre-cut headrest holes on seat cover and tuck under the plastic caps on the top of backrests. (Figure D)

Note: If there are no precut headrest holes, make a small X (thumbnail size) to allow headrest posts to go back into seat.

For video instructions on how to do this please watch our video here:

3. Attaching your backrest:

A: A Velcro flap will attach through the back of the seat attach the Velcro flap on the other side between the seat back and bottom. (Figure E)

Note: Velcro hook side may have a protective strip, leave attached until ready to affix to Seat Bib.


B. Vehicles with "Seat Bibs" will have elastic straps with hooks. These will hook on the metal frame underneath your seat.

Backrests with elastics straps (on both the front and back side of seat cover.)

  • Push the front straps through the gap between the backrest and cushion and with the seat bib hanging loose, affix the hooks to any metal on the underside of seat cushion.

  • Re-attach the "Seat Bib" to the seat.

  • Attach the strap(s) on the back of backrest to the underside of seat cushion over "Seat Bib"

OR Backrests with elastic straps and hook Velcro:

  • Same procedure as above, except the Velcro affixes to the "Seat Bib" fabric.

OR Backrests with hook Velcro on both front and back:

  • Push the front flap with Velcro through the gap between the backrest and cushion and affix the Velcro to the fabric on the Seat Bib.

  • Re-attach the Seat Bib to the seat.

  • Attach the Velcro on the back side of seat cover to the back of the Seat Bib and your backrest should now be installed.

Finally Headrest Cover Installation:

  1. Line up the headrest cover with the headrest matching the front, back and sides

  2. Slip headrest cover over the top of headrest and pull all the way down. Headrest covers are usually tight and may require you to squeeze the foam on the headrest slightly to allow the cover to slip over. Align seams of cover with the seams on the headrest. (Figure F)

  3. Replace headrests back into seat, making sure they are facing the correct way.