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What Are the 10 Best Car Seat Covers for You?

2023 Oct 3rd

What Are the 10 Best Car Seat Covers for You?

Posted by David Jones

Your car is more than just a mode of transportation – it is one of your greatest assets. You want to protect your assets, and the best way to protect the interior is by using car seat covers. What seat covers do you use in your car, though? You would be surprised by the amount of covers for cars that are available on the market. ShearComfort’s wide selection of car seat cover styles will feature everything you might be looking for to add Style, Comfort and Protection for your vehicle.

Not only should you consider protection when looking for a seat cover, but you should also think about comfort and your own personal style. ShearComfort can give you all of this in high quality custom car seat covers. You can add a great new aesthetic and personalized look to your interior while protecting your original seats. The best car seat covers can give your car a little bit of added flair, and people will know exactly which car is yours! Let ShearComfort provide you with the perfect car seat covers for your vehicle!

What You Need to Know About ShearComfort Car Seat Covers

All ShearComfort seat covers will provide you with the options you want most for your car seats. Do you have kids or pets in your back seat? Then you need car back seat covers. Waterproof CORDURA® offers the best quality and protection in these situations.

Looking to upgrade your aesthetics? ExoticSeat Covers will offer a high-end exotic leather look with the right flair to make you stand out above all other interior looks. In any situation, ShearComfort has exactly what you want for your car seat cover needs:

1. Waterproof Seat Covers

There are many different ShearComfort Seat Covers that you can group under the waterproof category. Waterproof Seat Covers are great for high use in industry, or car owners who have kids or pets. ShearComfort’s best in waterproof styles are CORDURA®, Atomic Pro-Tect, and Pro-Tect Vinyl. All offer a great option for our waterproof seat cover selection. These waterproof materials can be wiped clean in place, sanitized, and they keep moisture from penetrating the seats underneath. They are also very high-wearing fabrics that last for years, up to the lifetime of your vehicle.

2. Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene Seat Covers from ShearComfort will give you Maximum Comfort, and the best fit, molding exactly to the shape of your seats. They are available in solid colors or two-tone for a Sporty New Look. These seat covers are UV protected and Waterproof. They are great for everyday normal use and will be enjoyed for many years. We also offer custom car seat covers at a lesser cost in a highly versatile material called NeoSupreme. These automotive grade, neoprene-style seat covers are durable, water-resistant, and offer UV protection. NeoSupreme car seat covers offer the same look and feel of Neoprene at a lower price. Great for medium wear and daily use. They will provide a sleek design to your car and an updated look.

3. Sheepskin

If you want Style and Comfort, try ShearComfort Sheepskin Seat Covers. We use only the best Australian Merino Sheepskin, known for dense wool fibers that won’t “pack down”. The natural insulating factor of Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers give you year-round comfort by keeping you Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter. Sitting on the dense wool also reduces pressure points so they are great for those long drives and commutes. Available in multiple colors to match or complement your interior. Sheepskin seat covers also offer maximum protection and with proper care will look good and last for many years. Choose from Universal, Semi-Custom or Tailor-made options for your vehicle.

4. Camo

We offer a wide selection of premium Camo seat covers for cars. There are so many different Designs, Styles, and Color combinations that the entire category has something for everyone. Custom Camo car seat covers will add personalized style that will enhance your vehicle’s look while protecting the seats. Whether you want a traditional “woods look” like Realtree, a stylish cool look like Kryptek,or a tattoo style like Goldberg Camo, they all come in colors to match or enhance your vehicle.

5. Genuine Leather

ShearComfort offers premium, American-made, high-quality Genuine Leather Seat Covers that are guaranteed to transform the interior of your vehicle. Upgrade from cloth to leather at ½ the price with these slip over genuine leather seat covers that look like your original upholstery. Available in three colors, these leather custom car seat covers can be purchased in Black, Gray, and Beige. Genuine leather is UV treated for longer-lasting color with fade reduction and they resists moisture and mildew.

6. Imitation Leather

If you aren’t quite sold on genuine leather, maybe you would rather have the look and feel without using “genuine leather”. ShearComfort Imitation Leather and Luxury Line Sof-Touch Imitation Leather provide the same high standards and look of genuine leather at a more cost-efficient price. Enjoy the luxury of leather – including waterproofing, abrasion resistance, and fade resistance for a fraction of the cost. ShearComfort Imitation leather can also be Perforated and Diamond Quilted for a unique and stylish look. Solid colors and “sport look” with two-tone combinations are available to suit your specific taste.

7. OEM Seat Covers

Not to be confused with original OEM replacements, OEM Seat Covers from ShearComfort are made with OEM fabric but are not the original material in your vehicle. They are heavyweight automotive grade and provide a similar look and feel of the original upholstery. These are designed to slip over your seats and can be removed for cleaning if needed, no upholstery removal or tools required. Available in Taupe, Gray, and Black, to complement most vehicle interiors. Like all of our best car seat covers, these are compatible with heated seats and in-seat airbags.

8. Carbon Fiber

ShearComfort’s Carbon Fiber Seat Covers are custom car seat covers that feature a shiny metallic finish. The look will make you feel like you are sitting behind the wheel of a racing car, (we recommend going the speed limit, though). This line of seat covers for cars has six convenient color combinations, and is precision-cut to fit your car’s seat. Easy to install and easy to clean in place with a damp cloth. Add a racy new look today with Carbon Fiber car seat covers! Oh yea, the material is also flame retardant… just in case.

9. Saddle Blanket

Saddle Blanket Car Seat Covers provide you with durability made from 2500D woven fabric. The DWR topcoat and the PU undercoat helps protect from high abrasion and offers more integrity to the woven fabric then other Saddle blanket style seat covers. Saddle Blanket will add a Western look to your car. Colors are available in solid and sport (Saddle insert with black sides). Custom Saddle Blanket car seat covers are guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

10. Animal Print

Animal print seat covers come in various prints and colors. Some covers for car seats are just fun. If you want a fun unique animal print look that also offers protection and comfort, check out ShearComfort’s Animal Print Seat Covers. This is a NeoSupreme-style fabric featuring UV treatment, water-resistance, and fade resistance in a breathable material. These seat covers are precision cut for your vehicle’s seats. These car seat covers come in five prints: Leopard, Zebra, Giraffe, Alligator, and Snake with a variety of color options.

11. Bonus Cover – Pet Seat Covers

If you bring your furry friend with you on occasion (or everywhere), you might want to consider what ShearComfort’s pet seat cover collections can offer. These car back seat covers can be an “add on” to fit over a set of custom seat covers or your original seats. They protect your seats from fur and damage from dirty paws and claws. These pet covers are waterproof, tear-resistant, and UV-treated. Easy to put on or take off when your best friend travels with you. If you have ever tried to get pet fur cleaned up after a long commute, you will wish you had a set of these UniversalPet Seat Covers!

Why You Need One of These Car Seat Cover Styles

You already know why you need cars seat covers, so why not choose the best? These are the 10 best seat cover recommendations we can give. Something for everyone’s needs. These top 10 best car seat covers will preserve the integrity of your vehicle’s interior. When you get a car, your first thought is about how long you will keep the vehicle, but a few years down the road, you will likely trade it or sell it. For a better trade value, your seats need to look pristine. ShearComfort helps to keep your seats protected with premium quality seat covers for cars.