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Made from high wear upholstery vinyl. Excellent for heavy industrial use, like construction or farming. More info

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These are the most protective Vinyl Seat Covers available. Custom Vinyl seat covers are available for your truck or van. Vinyl Truck Seat Covers are custom-made for each specific vehicle and designed for easy installation and removal. They can be easily cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth.

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When ordering Vinyl Seat Covers please note that all armrest, headrest and console covers are sold separately. If required please choose these on the bottom of the seat cover order form.

Customer Reviews for Vinyl Seat Covers

Bill W - kentville, NS

Vehicle: 2013 Chevy Silverado
Product: Vinyl
Rating: 3/5
Date: 2015-07-29

Quality of vinyl seems quite is acceptable. Encountered two problems with the rear covers. First one was tht no provision was made to accomodate the center seat belt on the middle back seat cover thus requiring me to cut the cover to allow the seat belt to become functional ! Secondalso a back seat cover issue.....the straps used to pull the seat cover tight had the tightening devices reversed so you had to push on the straps instead of being able to pull them tight....very difficult to get them as tight as they should be.
Martin H - Holmen, WI

Vehicle: 2014 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500
Product: Vinyl
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2015-07-02

We ordered the Pro-Tect Vinyl seat covers for a 2014 Chevy Silverado. Its a farm truck so the seats see a lot of dust. The covers fit great and they are easy to clean!
Joseph S - Newark, CA

Vehicle: 2015 Honda Civic
Product: Vinyl
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2015-07-01

These covers look great in our 2015 Honda Civic! I would only recommend more detailed installation instructions specific to the car being installed. Other than that my son daughter and I was able to install with some brainstorming! Thanks for the very good product I would recommend them to anyone!