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When shopping for seat covers, there are a lot of materials out there that are described as Velour or Original Look material. The task of choosing one that you'll be happy with can be somewhat overwhelming, especially when you are shopping online. For that reason, we have tried to break down our Shear Comfort Velour seat covers into three categories that best describe its feel and use, styles and colors, as well as its overall benefits. We call them the "Three Vs of Velour". More info

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Two-Tone Madrid
Charcoal Encore w/ Charcoal Madrid Insert Black Encore w/ Silver Madrid Insert Silver Encore w/ Silver Madrid Insert
Toast Encore w/ Toast Madrid Insert Sandstone Encore w/ Sandstone Madrid Insert Blue Encore w/ Blue Madrid Insert

Solid Encore
Encore Charcoal Encore Black Encore Silver
Encore Toast Encore Sandstone Encore Blue
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Encore Charcoal w/ Scottsdale Charcoal Inserts Encore Black w/ Scottsdale Black Inserts Encore Silver w/ Scottsdale Silver Inserts
Encore Toast w/ Scottsdale Toast Inserts Encore Sandstone w/ Scottsdale Sandstone Inserts Encore Blue w/ Scottsdale Blue Inserts

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Fabric at a Glance

Velour = Versatility, Variety, and Value

The three Vs for our Velour car seat covers are: Versatility, Variety, and Value.

Versatility is a major factor when it comes to our Velour seat covers. They are comfortable, but also high-wearing and protective, making them incredibly versatile. Made from a soft cloth with an almost velvety feel, they are perfect for passenger vehicles that are used on a daily basis. As they are also water resistant, these seat covers will protect your seats from spills or stains that might happen on your daily commute. If you have kids, our Velour car seat covers will really help keep your original upholstery from getting crumb ridden and stained.

This material is also UV protected, meaning it can withstand being in the sunlight without major fading. Since Velour is a cloth fabric, it is effective in buffering you against hot or cold weather. Not to mention if you have Vinyl or Leather upholstery, our Velour seat cover will keep you from direct contact with a burning or ice cold seat.

Regardless of your daily use or where you live, these seat covers are versatile and will give you both protection and comfort. It is important to note that these are not ideal for work trucks and in extreme-wear conditions. For example if you have large dogs travelling with you often, there are other materials better suited like CORDURA® or Vinyl.

Variety is another major feature of our Velour car seat covers. You can choose between a number of color combinations that will not only suit your interior, but suit your personality and taste too! On top of a wide variety of colors, there are three different styles you can choose from. These can be mixed and matched.

We have Velour Encore which is solid in color and the most basic looking style. We then have Velour Madrid which has little lines, also referred to as striations. The third style we offer is the Velour Scottsdale. This one is best described by our sales representatives as a dimpled material with flecks of color throughout.

The most popular style combination is the Velour Encore with Madrid, but any combination you choose will complement the interior of your car very well.

With all of the variety in your Velour car seat covers, the options are endless!

Value is key when deciding on buying seat covers. When it comes to our Velour seat covers, value is twofold. On one hand, seat covers are a cost effective way of retaining the resale value of your vehicle. By installing seat covers early, you are protecting your seats from long-term use and damage. By doing so, your vehicle will be more appealing to potential buyers if you decide to sell it. If you are trading your car in, the same rule applies. The better your interior, the higher the trade in value can be.

On the other hand, our Velour car seat covers are made from automotive grade material but without the expensive price tag that reupholstering would cost if damaged. With a fitment and quality guarantee our Velour seat covers are products that will save you money both now and in the future.

If you are still wondering if Velour is the right choice. Our customer reviews are very informative and might make the decision easier.

Just remember the three Vs of our Velour seat covers are: Versatility, Variety, and Value.

Customer Reviews for Velour Seat Covers

Vehicle: 2003 Honda Accord
Rating: 5/5

I recently bought a car from my 86 year old mother. It is a 2003 Honda Accord with only 58,000 miles on it and was always stored in the garage and kept in immaculate condition. I didnt want my golden retriever to ride on the original upholstery so I put in the seat cover. Now the seat cover looks as good as the original so I cover it with a towel when the dog rides on it. I am amazed that you can make these covers fit so perfect. Even in the hole where the armrest folds down the cover looks like it was installed at the factory. I have already recommended them to many of my friends that have seen them installed. Thank You, David Ranck

Vehicle: 2011 Honda Odyssey
Rating: 5/5

they work for me and they match the inside of my van

Vehicle: 2013 Toyota RAV4
Rating: 5/5

Very nice, good fit!

Vehicle: 2013 Ford F150
Rating: 5/5

Seat covers looked like they were factory installed when I got done putting them on. Very pleased and if I ever need new seat covers, I will order again. Have told my friends about them also.

Vehicle: 2008 Toyota Tundra
Rating: 5/5

I bought my front seat covers 8 years ago when I purchased my truck and I have had absolutely no issues with them so I recently purchased my rear seat covers and outfitted my entire second truck as well. I could not be happier with this product and I highly recommend them to protect your new investment or spruce up your older one. Cheers.

Vehicle: 2016 Subaru Outback
Rating: 5/5

I chose the Velour Encore Charcoal with Scottsdale Charcoal Inserts to cover the warm Ivory upholstery in my Lapis blue Outback. The seat covers really complement the interior and I dont have to worry about getting the seats dirty anymore. Great service from ShearComfort. Seat covers arrived early and fit beautifully. Hard to tell theyre not standard upholstery. Very comfortable too.