OEM Seat Covers

Fabric at a Glance

About Fabric: Heavy weight OEM cloth looks, feels, and fits like original upholstery - but can be removed for cleaning.

It has a cloth trim on skirt and back sleeve.

Excellent for industry use.


OEM seat covers are easy to install slip-over seat covers (not replacements). Designed with full coverage, they make a protective second skin over your seat.

OEM fabric on the front face and solid color matching accents on sides, skirt and back of seat. Available in custom sizes for your car, truck or van.

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  • Easy-to-install, high wear fabric
  • Protective second skin over your original seat
  • Machine washable
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OEM Seat Covers - More Info

The ultimate custom seat covers look like your original seats. Made from heavy weight OEM cloth. Maximum protection for your original seats. Easy installation.

All OEM seat covers are custom made for each specific vehicle. These need to be ordered by choosing the exact make, model, year and seat description as shown in the custom search tool above.

Installation Info

For detailed installation instructions visit the OEM Seat Covers Installation Instructions page.

Customer Reviews for OEM Seat Covers

Review by Lena W from Glenside, PA:
Vehicle: 2014 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500
Product: OEM
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2015-01-22
I will highly recommend this product I give it 5 stars.My husband absolutely loved it as a Christmas gift for his truck.

Review by Don G from Lethbridge, Alberta:
Vehicle: 1996 Toyota 4Runner
Product: OEM
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2015-01-08
Have not installed as yet. Material seems to be high quality.

Review by Roger M from Havana, IL:
Vehicle: 2009 Ford F150
Product: OEM
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2014-12-23
These seat covers went on very well. They look and match the original seat cover very well.

Review by Gregory K from Houston, TX:
Vehicle: 2014 Nissan Rogue
Product: OEM
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-12-18
Seat covers are great. Installation instructions could be better even with the on line video

Review by Lou C from Miller Place, NY:
Vehicle: 2010 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500-5500 HD
Product: OEM
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-12-11
materials was exactly what I was hoping for tough and well fitting.

Review by Mark G from San Antonio, TX:
Vehicle: 2004 Ford Econoline E Series Vans
Product: OEM
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-11-26
The covers are excellent. However it was difficult to put them on my van's seats my left hand was cut up quite a bit.

Review by Chalmer B from needmore, PA:
Vehicle: 2006 Ford F150 Extended Cab
Product: OEM
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-11-12
I like the seat covers look and fit but didn't like the 4week wait to get them

Review by Ilse W from Hollywood, FL:
Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Sequoia
Product: OEM
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-11-05
I liked that these were the only seat covers to offer an arm rest cover...they tend to slide all over the place so I would suggest an inside gripping material.

Review by DAVID G from MURRAY, KY:
Vehicle: 2005 Ford Ranger
Product: OEM
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2014-10-29

Review by Todd F from Waukesha, WI:
Vehicle: 2011 Toyota Prius
Product: OEM
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-10-23
Seat covers are very nice but for $220 they should be! Only disappointment was there were no pre-cut finished holes for the headrest posts so we had to very carefully cut holes for them which is pretty dicey I mean if you screw it up you're stuck. Oh and it took over 3 weeks to get them which is a bit slow.