Mesh Seat Covers

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When you are looking for a material that is light weight but still high-wearing enough for automotive use, Mesh is a great choice. Shear Comfort Mesh seat covers are high-quality, breathable, form fitting, and offer a great level of protection for a personal vehicle. More info

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Black w/ Tan Inserts Black w/ Gray Inserts

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Mesh is great for drivers who are seeking something that breathes well. As Mesh is a perforated material, this product is great for keeping you cool in hot climates or during the summer months. If you have air conditioned seats, Mesh will accommodate this feature as well.

You can order Mesh seat cover in Black, Tan or Gray. You can also create a two tone look by pairing Black with a Gray or Tan insert. With custom seat covers, the choice is yours.

We want to make the ordering process as simple as possible for you. For that reason, we thought it would be best to give you the run down. Ordering Mesh car seat covers is as easy as ABC (Affordable, Breathable, Comfortable).


When your seats are damaged, torn or in need of an update, reupholstering may be something youíre considering. However, the cost of doing this will likely be hundreds of dollars per seat or more.

Rather than spending that kind of money, seat covers are a much more affordable option. Mesh seat covers will cover up any aesthetic damage, stop tears from getting bigger, and of course, change the look of your interior.

Installing seat cover before significant damage occurs is ideal, but if it is too late, you can at least stop it from getting worse. Our products will greatly help to retain the resale value of your car.


When itís hot outside and you have no air conditioning, you can get uncomfortable very quickly. While there might be some tricks to keep you cool, a very effective method is with breathable car seat covers. That is exactly what our Mesh covers are for.

With perforated holes throughout the material, you have more air flow and circulation.

A lot of newer vehicles have heated and air conditioned seats, and Mesh car seat covers are compatible with them Ė actually, all of our seat covers are.


Our breathable seat covers do more than increase airflow. They also add comfort to your daily commute. The Mesh fabric is soft and quite comfortable.

In some vehicles, the original upholstery can be rough and uncomfortable. Our Mesh seat covers will help. They cover up the rough fabric and add a layer between you and the hard seats. Their custom and form-fitting nature also means that the material wonít bunch up and will instead fit the seats like a glove.

Customer Reviews for Mesh Seat Covers

Vehicle: 2009 Ford Taurus
Rating: 4/5

Work well

Vehicle: 2015 Ford Taurus
Rating: 5/5

Bought the grey/black mesh covers for my 2016 Taurus SHO and they not only match the interior color they fit like a second skin. The only thing I would change is they need to be better marked whats the inside and outside of the cover.

Vehicle: 2000 Toyota 4Runner
Rating: 5/5

Thank you so much for the faster than expected delivery for my 4runner seat covers - they look terrific and fit perfectly. Feels like I have a new car again. Definitely exceeded expectations thank you

Vehicle: 2013 Subaru Impreza Wagon and Hatchback
Rating: 4/5

These seat covers are a good value for the price. They fit well and appear to be very durable.

Vehicle: 2015 Ford F350
Rating: 5/5

Great fit and quality. Works well with heated seats.

Vehicle: 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500
Rating: 4/5

Good fit quite easy to install. I would recommend them.