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Shear Comfort has a wide variety of custom Honda seat covers available for virtually every Honda Element including all 2013s. Honda Model Search below ↓

Seat Covers for Honda Elements

There are so many different ways to protect - and dress up - your Honda Element's seats. Using Seat Covers increases the resale value of your Honda truck, while also allowing you to customize your interior to suit your needs - and your personality.

We offer OEM Truck Seat Covers, which give your Honda Element an original upholstery look while protecting your original seats. These seat covers are washable and removable, and will help preserve the original look of your Honda Element seats. We also offer Velour Original Look Truck Seat Covers in a variety of patterns, colours and styles.

Lugging around messy concrete, paint, or other messy industrial products? You might be interested in our Cordura Truck Seat Covers. These seat covers are waterproof and heavy-duty.

We also offer Vinyl Element Truck Seat Covers. They're durable, like the Cordura, and are easily cleanable with a damp cloth, without removing the seat covers. These are perfect if you get your truck's interior muddy on a regular basis.

If you want your Honda Element to have a country feel, we offer Custom Element Saddle Blanket Truck Seat Covers. These seat covers are great-looking and protective, washable, durable, and have a way better fit than throwing a blanket over your Element's seats.

Interested in something more funky? Take a look at fun, bright Neoprene Element Seat Covers, Element Hawaiian Print Seat Covers.

All of our Honda Element seat covers are durable and washable. For a full selection of available seat covers for your Element, use the search box at the top of the page.