Why Buy Seat Covers?

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Why do people buy seat covers for their vehicles? By knowing the answer to “why”, you can narrow down your choices much quicker. That’s important because there is a lot of choice out there – color, fabric, coverage, protection level, and more. It can be a little overwhelming.

So why are you buying seat covers?

Not everyone will think Why? when buying custom seat covers. But this is perhaps one of the most important questions to pose. The reason is simple – the answer will determine the main purpose and function of your seat covers. Will it be to protect? Some drivers need a high level of protection because they use their truck or SUV as a work vehicle, transporting cargo, or perhaps heavy tools. Will it be for comfort? While all seat covers provide different levels of protection; some focus more on comfort. Many used vehicles may not have the most comfortable seats and the leather or vinyl might be split, making it even less comfortable to sit on. Even brand new vehicles might be lacking in the comfort department too. Will it be a balance of both protection and comfort? Not everyone is seeking one thing when it comes to seat covers. Some drivers want a versatile product serving a dual purpose: to protect against daily tear and wear, kids, dogs, and any spills – while still providing a decent amount of comfort. Or will it be to customize? Some interiors are just plain old boring and drivers really want to add your own personality to your ride. Don’t worry, if you need answered “yes” to all three functions above – there are seat covers out there that provide a good combination of protection, comfort, and customization. So what’s your reasoning for buying seat covers? Here are some reasons our customers have shared with us:

why people buy seat coversA few other reasons may be:

  • You have leather seats and they get HOT in the summer (or really COLD in the winter)
  • For some reason the manufacturer thought it was a good idea to have WHITE upholstery.
  • The original vinyl fabric is splitting and is seriously rubbing against your legs.
  • There are burn marks on your seats
  • There is a really awful smell from the previous owner.
  • You’re a surfer dude
  • Or how about “my dog uses the seat as a throne”!
dogs in a car interior

Photo sent to Shear Comfort by Gori Spelling through our Facebook fan page.

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