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Top 10 Car Related Gift Ideas for Christmas 2015

Oh yes, it is that time of year again! When the weather drops and the malls get crazy… The Christmas shopping frenzy is upon us.

Are you ready for Christmas 2015?

Depending on whom you are shopping for, what your price range is, and what type of gift you’d like to give, it makes shopping for friends and family difficult at Christmas.

The majority of the loved ones on your list are likely to be drivers. Really, the vast majority of us are nowadays. Therefore, it a safe bet if you buy them car gadgets, accessories, or some kind of car related gift. They are going to find it both awesome and useful.

Top Ten Car Related Gift Ideas


Let’s start the countdown shall we! Thist Christmas 2015 Shopping List is in no particular order.


1. Kids on Board?
Give a Headrest DVD Player!


This is not just a gift for the kids, but a gift for the driver too. You’ll keep your kids entertained while driving so both of you will be equally as thankful since it could mean a calm, peaceful commute.

This is one of the best headrest DVD players out there for Christmas 2015.

Cost: $149.49 on Amazon

There are other good quality headrest players as well. Check out Car Audio Now  for the Best Headrest DVD Players out there this Christmas.

2. Dog on Board?
Give the gift of the No-Spill Water Bowl!

Car-Related-Gift-Idea-2015-DogBowl-minDo you have any dog owners on your 2015 Christmas Shopping List? While they may have already though of the Car Harness or pet seat cover, but they may not have thought of this one! Or if you are a pet owner that just likes to give gifts to your animals – we know you’re out there and think this is entirely acceptable – this non-spill bowl will keep them hydrated on your next big road trip or when you’re stuck in traffic.

Keep dogs happy and refreshed with the Road Refresher

Cost: $21.95 on Amazon

This “As Seen on TV” product is perfect for any driver who has their pup(s) travel with them on a regular basis, especially for longer drives. Very inexpensive but extremely useful! Woof Woof.

3. Mechanic on Board?
Give Retrieving Magnets!

Retrieving-Magnet-minIf you have a family mechanic or a DIYer on your list, here is a unique but VERY handy gift they probably don’t have. They can use these retrieving magnets to pick up little metal parts that might fall in small crevices while working on their car or truck.

Cost: $11.98 at Home Depot

What a fantastic and unique present! These retriever magnets are a perfect stocking stuffer!



4. Baby on Board?
Give a Baby Steering Wheel – just because it’s SO Cute!



If you have new parents on your 2015 Christmas shopping list, this cute gift is less for them and more for their little one. But hey, isn’t that what parenthood is all about?

This Baby Steering Wheel will give their baby something to do while mom and dad focus on the road. Plus, this is helping them plan for future driving!

And it’s just so cute!

Cost: $19.99 at Babies R US

Vroom! Vroom!

5. New Driver on Board?
Give the Gift of Fix-a-Flat!



This is one of those holiday gift ideas that you’d probably never think of, but is great for new drivers that may not be as mechanically inclined as their parents.

Also, great for anyone who drives a lot since their tires get a lot of wear. This gift could be for a truck driver or just daily commuters. The Fix-A-Flat fills a small hole temporarily so that you have time to replace it before your car becomes unsafe to drive. How brilliant is that? What will they think of next?!

Cost: $11.42 on Amazon

Unfortunately, this does not fix all the terrible drivers that seem to come out during the holidays. Wouldn’t that be something?


6. Need some Direction?
Give the Gift of a Garmin GPS!



Not everyone has those fancy built-in GPS’ in their cars. Luckily there are some great options like this Garmin GPS, which is great for all types of drivers. A GPS is not just for those who need help, but are also time savers for those who take the fastest route. With all of the technology behind the GPS, drivers are even able to see which routes have construction or traffic delays.

This Garmin here has been the top rated GPS for 2015!

Cost: $226.92 on Amazon

You can even download an epic Yoda or Darth Vader voice as the navigator. This is pretty fitting with the new Star Wars movie coming soon. Happy they will be!


7. Everyday Driver on Board?
Give the Gift of Seat Covers!


Seat covers are a perfect gift for daily commuters, both for passenger and work vehicles. You are giving both the gift of comfort, but also protection.

If you have someone on your list that you know drives with their dogs then seat covers are a life saver. There is such a wide variety of seat covers out there, so you can be sure to find something that will suit both their needs and their personality.

Cost: Prices vary. See website for pricing!

Custom fit seat covers come with a fitment and quality guarantee. You’re really getting something for this giftee that is going to last and they’ll use it for years to come.

8. Apple on Board?
Give the Gift of a Mediabridge!



The Mediabridge is a simple, but very useful gift for Apple users. This 2015 holiday gift idea is perfect for drivers who use both an iPhone and iPad on a regular basis. It’ll charge both at the same time and keep their lifelines juiced up!

Cost: $9.99 on Amazon

You may not get a “How did you know” reaction out of this one, but they’ll be thankful when their iPhone battery drops to 2% and their iPad isn’t done charging yet.

9. Android on Board?
Give the Gift of Alpatronic Car Dock!



Not all docks are universal, For instance, the Apple iMedia Bridge won’t work with Android devices. So if you are not sure whether or not someone on your shipping list has an iPhone or an Android device, purchasing a Universal smartphone car dock can be surefire way of getting the right one.

Cost: $29.99 on Amazon

This one also has the capability of charging multiple devices and has been rated as one of the top charging docks out there for Christmas 2015.  This is a great car related gift idea for families with multiple vehicles as it means that any smartphone can be charged up.

10. Practical Giftee on Board?
Give the Gift of the Drop Stop



If you have a family member or friend who loves nifty and super practical gifts, the Drop Slot is a fitting car related gift idea for them. This handy little thing stops their smartphone from falling down the crack of their seat.

Cost: $18.10 from Amazon

If they are fans of the TV show Shark Tank, they will love this one!


Have any car related gift ideas for Christmas 2015?


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