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Tianjin Explosion, Dodge Goes Plum Crazy, Ford Bronco Turns 50 and More Car News

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Tianjin, Chine — Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Terrible Port Explosion Destroys Thousands of VWs


In car news this past week, Volkswagen (VW) has lost thousands of its vehicles in an explosion that occurred on August 12 in Tianjin, China,

Brandon Turkus, from Autoblog, reports that not only were thousands of VW vehicles destroyed, but hundreds of people were injured and approximately 50 people were killed as a result of an “explosive fireball” that had a force of 21 tons of TNT.

Toyota was also affected by the explosion.


Once you Go Electric, You Never Go Back


In a new report publish on August 8 on by contributor Brooke Crothers, Ford says that most electric vehicle (EV) drivers won’t ever go back to gas.

In a survey done by Clean Technica via Green Car Reports, Crothers explains that a total of 10,000 EV drivers were asked whether they would buy another EV. An astounding 92 percent are likely to purchase another EV the next time they are in the market for a car. Even more interesting is that those who won Plug-In Electric vehicle or Hybrid Vehicles are also more likely to switch to an EV for their next purchase.

Crothers explains that although EV drivers are gung-ho about using the EV, they have a tendency to use gas-powered vehicles for longer trips. With that in mind, Ford says they are working on EV battery life in hopes that it will push EV “owners to replace their gas car” with an EV.


Dodge, Why So Plum?


2010 Challenge -- Photo Credit: Zombieite on Flickr

2010 Challenge — Photo Credit: Zombieite on Flickr

+Dodge is going Plum crazy again, reports Joe Lorio from CARandDRIVER on August 11. Dodge will be rolling out – for a limited time only – its “iconic” purpled-hued color for its new 2016 Chargers and Challengers.

Lorio explains that while the color Plum, is exclusive for the insanely cool 707-hp Hellcat, for a very short period, you’ll be able to have it for any 2016 Charger or Challenger.



This is not the first time that Dodge has gone Plum Crazy either, says Lorio, but this time, “availability is more widespread … than in the past”. So if you can see yourself driving a plum colors Charger or Challenger, here’s your chance!


The Next Level in Car Hacking


There is more news this week on the scary reality of how vulnerable connected cars are to hacking.

On August 13, Fox News reveals that researchers have found a way to use an insurance gadget to hack into a Chevrolet Corvette and control it remotely. Using “a dongle from Metromile that plugs into a car’s OBD2 port to provide a stream of data that the company uses to charge insurance rates based on how a person drives”, explains Fox News.

All it took was a handful of researchers from the University of California at San Diego, using reverse engineering on the device in order to take control of the Corvette. The researchers have informed Metromile of this vulnerability, advising them of several other flaws as well.

Car hacking is becoming a major issue in the US, which seems to be leaving drivers with more questions than answers.

Fox News

Yee-haw! Happy Birthday Ford Bronco!


Ford-related news all over the headlines this week!

1st Generation Bronco -- Photo Credit: Wikipedia

1st Generation Bronco — Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Guess who just turned 50 on August 11? Congrats to Ford and its half-century old, Bronco!

50 years ago, on Aug 11, 1965, the Ford Bronco first hit US roads. Autoweek says that while it’s not the first “consumer-oriented 4×4” of its kind, it is “parked right up there in the pantheon of early off-roading” SUVs.  It first came into the market to compete against other companies’ SUVs such as Jeep and International Harvester Scout.

Calling it a “A Rough Tough, Go Anywhere, Climb Anything Sports Car,” Autoweek does the Bronco’s name justice and its reputation for being an exceptional off-roading vehicle.



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