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Tesla Model X SUV, their On-The-Air Car Hack Fix and More Read Worthy Car News

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Tesla Just Got Bigger – if that’s Even Possible


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Tesla dominated the headlines this past week. One of the major stories is the company’s announcement of when the new Tesla SUV will hit the streets.

In a post written August 8, by Chris Taylor from Mashable, Tesla has officially announced that its Model X SUV will be making its way onto roads in September 2015.

Taylor explains that the announcement came directly from Tesla’s CEO himself, Elon Musk, who broke the news to the company’s shareholders in a letter in which he reveals that customer will begin having SUVs shipped at the beginning of September.

This vehicle is ideal for drivers who are lusting for an SUV, but are trying to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.  But while this news is exciting for interested buyers, there is already a waitlist says Taylor. So you’ll have to be patient!


Recalls, Recalls, and MORE Recalls


With all the new tech developments in new cars and trucks, there is a higher possibility of something malfunctioning in new vehicles. This has become apparent in the US Auto industry.

Ringing true to this statement is the Wall Street Journal’s recent post by Mike Spector and Tom McGinty, published August 6, titled “ Surge in U.S. Car Recalls Continues”..

Spector and McGinty explain that the recalls range from “… cybersecurity gaps vulnerable to hackers, rupture-prone air bags and possible fire hazards linked to ventilation systems”. The surge in recalls is directly related to the US government’s interest in drivers’ safety and the importance of reducing vehicle vulnerabilities while driving.

The Wall Street Journal.

New SUV on the Block


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The new Ford Everest SUV is making its debut into the automotive industry with technological integration that is more than just “being able to pair your smartphone and your entertainment options”, according to Tech Guide’s recent article published on August 3.

Tech Guide and author of article, Stephen Fenech, saw the Australian-made,  Ford Everest first-hand and witnessed its power and advanced technology. Among its tech capabilities are Noise Cancellation, Lane Keeping Aid, Blind Spot Information System (BLIT), Forward Alert with Collision Mitigation, Adapting Cruise Control, and Gyroscopic Sensors – to name a few.

To read more about the new Australian-made Ford Everest, check out Tech Guide’s detailed article.

Tech Guide

Tesla’s Other, Other Advantage


In other news related to the Electric Vehicle (EV) Company that is currently dominating the market, Tesla has shown it has the upper hand when it comes to car hacking vulnerabilities in their new EVs.

In an article on Business Insider, Victor Luckerson of, explains how the recent discovery of Jeep’s vulnerability to hacking caused a major recall. But instead of actually recalling the affected vehicles, the manufacturer sent out 1.4 million USBs to its customers in order to fix the issue.

This is where Tesla has an advantage and is putting them ahead of the pack, Luckerson explains.

One, Tesla vehicles require an actual person to be physically inside the Tesla Model X to hack the vehicle. And two, when the hack vulnerability was found, Tesla remotely sent an “over-the-air” patch (similar to a phone update) to all the vulnerable EVs.

Business Insider

Nokia is HERE to Stay


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As of August 3, a deal was struck between Nokia and three German manufacturers: BMW, Daimler, AG and Audi. The Finnish tech company sold its HERE mapping technology for a whopping $3.07 billion, reports Rex Santus from Forbes. .

Santus explains that the reason behind the purchase of HERE is to help the German car companies compete with Google’s continuous development and advancement of its self-driving cars.  The sale is expected to go through in the first few months of 2016.


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