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Animal updates from our Local Shelter

rabbit adoption
Rabbits wait an average of at least 90 days before adoption, and often longer. Image courtesy of the BC SPCA

Animal Updates from our Local Shelter

Thought: We sometimes forget the simplest acts can make a difference. We get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we forget to care about each other. And I am not just talking about people, but animals as well. Keep your eyes open & don’t forget to stop and take a look around at what is really happening around you. Can you make a difference?

As an owner of two dogs, I know that animals can change lives. They have changed mine – that’s for sure. At Shear Comfort, the same can be said about almost all our employees, as our Facebook & Twitter feeds will show! It only made sense for the company to partner with the BC SPCA this year and return the favor by helping support animals.

Save the Cows

Farms have gone long enough without being reprimanded for ill treatment of animals. The BC SPCA has made it their initiative to take action again animal cruelty within the farming industry. They call it “Ensuring Welfare On Farms”. It is unfortunate that, to this day, there is no actual monitoring program in place to keep an eye on cute little calves and cattle. Did you know that British Columbia is a bit behind on this? What about your state or province? Some jurisdictions have legislation that ensures animal welfare in farming. Help from the SPCAs is often necessary to make these changes. Not only is there a Code of Practice that should be in place, but within this code there are 60 practices to protect these animals. Check out this page for more details on how you might be able to help make a change happen. http://www.spca.bc.ca/welfare/campaign-issues/the-welfare-of-dairy-cattle.html#.U77W6fldVyw

Children Play a Role Too

We all know that animals have a huge impact on a kid’s life. The joy of having a puppy and caring for a kitten is an important part of child development. But what you may not know is that children change the lives of many abandoned and mistreated animals. This Summer at BCSPCA, they are holding Camps for kids – they learn about animals andm of course, play with them! Summer Camps are there to “make new friends… both furry and human!”. http://support.spca.bc.ca/site/Calendar?id=110841&view=Detail These camps are held throughout BC, making a difference for kids and animals all around the province. Seriously, if I was a kid: this would be the best camp EVER!

Cats, Cats, Cats! And don’t forget Rabbits

The summer months not only bring lots of heat and beach days, but apparently, they also bring a lot of abandoned cats and rabbits to local SPCA shelters. Who knew? As a result, the @BCSPCA wants to make sure that all these cats and bunnies find permanent homes. During the month of July, you could adopt one of these lovable fluff balls for half the regular adoption price. It’s cat fever and bunny mania out there! While this seems like a sales tactic, it is only raising awareness that there are hundreds of cats that need loving homes. The cost really shouldn’t make a difference; your adoption is the difference.  http://www.spca.bc.ca/news-and-events/news/news-half-price-love.html#.U77bwPldVyw

This year, we are donating $1 to the BC SPCA for every online order made on ShearComfort.com – over $5,000 to date.

[Rabbit image courtesy of the BC SPCA]

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