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More Self-Driving Car Problems, Chevy’s Cool New Feature, and More

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The Real Tin Can Car


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Jeep celebrated Canada Day on July 1 by recreating a full-scale Wrangler made completely out of cans. This life-size tin can replica was built to raise awareness and funds for Canstruction Inc. – a charity set out to make a difference in the lives of people living in hunger and poverty.

Taking a total of 12 hours to build, this was quite the endeavor. The Wrangler was on display at Canada Place, in Vancouver, British Columbia on Canada Day.

Way to go Can-ada!


Chevy’s Cool New Feature for 2016

During the summer months, as the temperature rises, everyone hits the beaches or lakes to try and keep cool. But while you’re cooling off, your lifeline (a.k.a. smartphone) is only getting hotter by the minute. The heat can cause a “smart” phone to go haywire and act – not so smart.

The worse is when you try charging your iPhone in a hot car; it can get so hot that you could cook an egg on it.  Thankfully, Chevy just announced on July 2 that it has developed a new active smartphone cooling system that will help reduce the heat your phone emits when charging in your car or truck. This feature will be in their new 2016 vehicles.

It’s a super simple technology that uses an “air vent that points at a warm phone while it’s wirelessly charging” says Chris Velazco on


World, Meet Blade

The 3D Printer has been around for a little while now and the industry has come a long way from printing out small objects. Now, it seems, the 3D printer is reaching its full potential. Kevin Czinger, a 3D Printing technician, has designed a super light-weight 3D-Printed Supercar.

Forbes says that the technology behind this super car is said to be an alternative to traditional manufacturing. Could this be the future for sports cars?


Ford has a Pesky Bug Problem

CNBC announced on July 2 that Ford will be recalling 433,000 vehicles as a result of a software bug – or, in more technical terms, “body control module issues”. This North American recall will affect specific 2015 Focus, Escape, and C-Max vehicles. The software bug can cause Ford engines to stay on even after the key has been removed from the ignition. This could increase the possibility of the vehicle rolling unexpectedly or even getting stolen.

To fix the issue, you’ll need to drive to a Ford dealership to have them replace the body control software.


Humans & Google’s Self-Driving Cars Do Not Get Along

Google Self Driving Car

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Another week goes by, another self-driving car accident occurs. Marco della Cava from USAToday reports that another autonomous car accident happened in California while the driver was street mapping the city of Mountain View.

While some may predict that Google’s self-driving car may have glitches and is at fault, Google is stating the contrary, saying humans are to blame.

In a monthly report released July 1, two accidents were documented – both of which were caused by human drivers “rear ending” the Google car. The worse part about these accidents is that the drivers hit the driverless car while it was stopped at a red light. Really guys?

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