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Google Maps and Parents Unite Against Whining Kids

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet?? ARE WE THERE YET???

Four words that parents expect, but dread hearing when travelling with their kids. Google clearly had parents in mind when they came up with the idea of adding a funny talk-back feature to Google Maps.

Here is how the new feature works:

The first few time someone in the car asks, “Are we there yet?” Google Maps will respond with the estimated time of arrival. Then the next time, Google will answer with simple “No”. Finally, on the fourth time, patience is lost (just like parents would lose theirs), and Google responds with, “If you ask me again, we won’t stop for ice cream”.

Who knew that Google was so good at parenting!

Go Go Spy Car!


The threat of cyber-attacks on cars has become a trending topic for both automotive manufacturers and their consumers.  But among this talk, there is also discussion of a potential security act that will keep drivers safe from car hackers.

With the news of Jeep trucks being hacked and stopped mid drive, there is a new law pushing its way in front of the U.S. Senate to “stop any future disasters on American roads”, says Forbes staff member, Thomas Fox-Brewster.

The Security and Privacy in your Car Act, also referred to as the Spy Car Act, will ensure that all motor vehicles are be equipped with “reasonable measures” that will protect their systems from being hacked. This means for all modern vehicles produced by auto manufacturers will be held responsible to properly equip their vehicles with security technology.

In his article, Fox-Brewster discusses other aspects to the Act that address the concern of “privacy and transparency”.

Will this be enough to stop your car from being hacked?

Apple’s Electric Idea

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Apple has decided to take its turn in the electric vehicle (EV) ring. The mobile phone company is in talks with luxury car company BMW to develop their own EV.

In an article published July 28, Tech 2 elaborates on the potential partnership and Apple’s decision to expand outside of the mobile realm and into the automotive industry. Tech 2 explains that there are reports of Apple CEO, Tim Cook, seeking out BMW to be their “model platform”.

In a more recent report posted July 31 on, talks are getting serious and things are looking good in terms of a potential collaboration between the two multibillion-dollar companies.

Safety First, Guys


On July 27, contributor for Forbes, Doug Newcomb reports General Motors (GM) started testing a new active safety system

This system is being developed by GM in order to preemptively warn drivers of potential crashes in hopes to avoid accidents entirely. This new technology will even be able to “take over braking and steering”, says Newcomb.

All 2016 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac will be equipped with the new car technology.

GM’s safety system comes with 22 different driver-assist technologies. Newcomb explains that these new technologies will include City Speed Front Automotive Braking, Pedestrian Braking, and a Curb View Camera.

Sounds like GM will be a major contender in the automotive industry when it comes to safe driving.

VW Das Auto Play


A big announcement by Volkswagen (VW) hit the public on July 29, informing consumers that their 2016 vehicles will be equipped with their state of the art “infotainment” system.

This system is said to support CarPlay.

Juli Clover, writer for MacRumors, elaborated on the story. She explains that the new MIB-II infotainment system will not only support Android Auto, but VW’s own app center, Car-Net ($199/year). Their suite will include remote locking and honking, GPS for stolen vehicles, and automotive and crash notification (Watch out GM!).

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