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Pick Your Outdoor Adventure with Moonshine Camo Seat Covers

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Moonshine camo car seat covers!


Yes, that’s right. You can now deck out your car’s interior with the very popular, lifestyle camouflage that many of us have grown to know and love. Just when you thought you couldn’t find any more camo car accessories, right?

Known for its casual wear that not only stands out due to its unique names, but for its bold camo patterns, Moonshine has become a favorite among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

All of our camo seat covers for cars and trucks are made of a tough, waterproof and abrasion resistant, canvas-like material. A perfect choice for outdoor-lovers, especially now that you can get it in your favorite Moonshine Camo pattern!

Moonshine Ain’t Your Average Joo Shmoe Camo!

 What’s your Favorite?


Wander the Wilderness with Moonshine Wildfire


Camo Seat Covers in Moonshine Wildfire

Unlike any other wooded camouflage out there, the Moonshine Wildfire with its fiery background and outstanding graphics cannot be beat. The vibrant red and orange colors combined with the wooded Moonshine camo pattern depict the true essence of being an outdoor enthusiast.

There’s nothing like heading outback to find that perfect hidden camping spot away from the urban world. Moonshine Wildfire is a symbol of your bold sense of adventure in the wilderness.

When people see these Wildfire camo seat covers with the crackling wood and fierce flames, there will be no doubt in their mind that you’re a lover of the woods and all things wild.


Hunt in the Outback with Moonshine Harvest Moon


Moonshine Harvest Moon Camo Seat Covers

It takes great skill, accuracy, patience, and of course, assertiveness to be a successful hunter. The Harvest Moon Camo by Moonshine with its intricate detail and subtle colors of grey and black illustrate the stealthy state of mind one needs while hunting.

Hunting is a lifestyle choice. Even when you’re not outback during hunting season, you carry that same mindset. Harvest Moon seat covers are not your average camo seat covers, just like you’re not an average hunter. You are the stealthy, assertive, and noble hunter that never misses.


Rough It Up the Mountain with Moonshine Muddy Girl Camo


Muddy Girl Camo Seat Covers

Not only are the Muddy Girl camo seat covers a perfect match for those that aren’t afraid of roughing it, this Moonshine pattern is for those who embrace it. The vivid shades of purple and pink add a bit of femininity to the bold camo design. Show off your adventurous lifestyle filled with camping trips, mountain climbing, hunting and any other exciting outdoor excursions you take on.

These Muddy Girl seat covers are more than just an automotive accessory, but also an extension of your life. There’s no stopping you from seeking out new outdoor experience and grabbing the bull by its horns!


Explore the Undiscovered with Moonshine Undertow


Undertow Camo Seat Covers by Moonshine

Combining the forest with the great blue sea, the Undertow design is an aquatic adventurer’s dream. This Moonshine pattern takes on a whole new  life filled with underwater wildlife. You can now show off your love for the sea and aquatic lifestyle with Undertow Camouflage seat covers. Whether you’re a fisherman, a diver or water sports fanatic, this Camo pattern embodies the ocean, just like you. The vibrant colors and lifelike graphics of the Undertown seat covers are so real you can almost hear the waves crashing while you’re driving. We’d like to think so anyways.


Tackle Any Terrain with Moonshine Toxic


Moonshine Toxic Camo Car Seat Covers

With a pattern looking like something out of a horror movie, there’s no better way of showing off your flare for adventure and  tackling whatever is out there — even zombies! The gruesome green and yellow glow takes on a life of its own where its acidic look is so realistic you it just might could spew right out of the fabric.

With Moonshine Camo Toxic seat covers, your vehicle will stand out and show off your exciting lifestyle. Willing to tackle any kind of terrain, even one that may be less than friendly, like a zombie-esque toxic waste zone.


Everyone needs a little bit of Moonshine in their life, don’t you think?

So what’s your favorite pattern? Comment below!


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