6 Haunted Car & Phantom Vehicles That Are Hell on Wheels – Literally

BEWARE: These scary stories of haunted cars and phantom vehicles may cause spine-chilling and skin crawling. Turn out the lights, pull up a blanket and get ready for some haunting tales straight from the car crypt.


Blade Runner Car: Closer Look at the Futuristic Blade Runner Flying Car from the Original & Sequel

The Blade Runner car is definitely one of the coolest flying cars from 80s films. And now with Blade Runner 2049, the long-awaited sequel to the original neo-noir sci-fi classic, we get to the Spinner on the big screen one more time! Let’s take a closer look at both the original and new Blade Runner car.


Ralph Lauren’s Cars: A True Collection of Automotive Perfection

The Ralph Lauren Car Collection is a car enthusiast’s dream. Combining Lauren’s impeccable sense of style with his passion for automobiles, the fashion guru has created a masterpiece car collection worth millions. Are you ready to see what automotive perfection looks like?


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