10 Fast Facts About the Lamborghini SUV: The World’s Fastest SUV

The Lamborghini SUV is here and has been dubbed the world’s fastest SUV. Find out what’s under the hood of this super SUV, its top speed, its price, and a handful of other awesome specs! Not to mention, the Lamborghini Urus 0-60 time that sets this SUV apart from its competitors.


Best Car Accessories to Keep in Your Car in The Winter

It is time to get prepped for that winter weather with this list of the best car accessories. This buying guide will give you some good ideas of what to keep in your in the winter. Some of these car accessories are essential to keep you warm while driving and others are crucial to keep your car moving when the snow starts falling. Winter is fast approaching, are you ready?


Future Cars Are Going to Be More Than Just Modes of Transportation

Congratulations to our Fall 2017 Scholarship winner! This student submitted a creative and thought-provoking essay about what the future of cars will look like in 5 to 10 years. Each semester ShearComfort Seat Covers Ltd. offers financial aid to a college or university student enrolled in engineering or a field related to the development of vehicles. Thank you to all the applicants. Keep up the good work!


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