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Your very own Bond Car


Photo Credit: CARandDRIVER

Photo Credit: CARandDRIVER

With the upcoming Bond 007 Spectre movie on its way this year, Bond fans have witnessed the DB10 is in the exciting trailers that are available for viewing on YouTube.

Aston Martin wants to give Bond fans something to really get excited about in time for the new movie, so the automotive manufacturer built its very own Bond Edition DB9 GT.

Although this Aston Martin “isn’t quite the stunner that the DB10 is… it comes loaded with Aston Martin-ness and several Bond touches and silver paint named after the Spectre film,” says Alexander Stoklosa from

Unfortunately, the chances of fans getting their hands on one of their very own Bond-Edition sports cars is slim-to-none since there will be only 150 available worldwide.


Is your 2014 Honda Civic or Accord Theft Proof? Probably not, reports NICB


In a recent article from Autoblog posted on Sep 1, 2015, the two most reported stolen vehicles of 2014 in the United States are the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord.

According to data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) Hot Wheels list from 2014, both the Honda Civic and the Accord are “perennial favorites,” reports Autoblog.

If you are a Civic or Accord driver, there are some things that you can do. The NICB offers a few suggestions, explains Autoblog:

Use common sense by parking in safe and public locations. Us sound judgement when parking your car, use visual or audible warning devices, and install immobilizing devices to ensure that thieves can’t drive your car away even if they manage to break into it.

Every bit of security you can add to your vehicle helps.


Preorder your Tesla Model 3!


News about the new Tesla 3 made headlines last week when Elon Musk revealed that preordering for the cost-effective Tesla will begin in 2016.

As Kirsten Korosun explains in her article on, Musk “dropped a few tweet news bombs: on Sep 2, 2015, that the Tesla Model 3 isn’t even in production yet, and that ‘the public doesn’t even know what this car will look like’”. But customers will be able to pre-order their Model 3 as of March, 2016!

This Tesla is going to be a cost effective ($35,000) completely electric vehicle that the average American will be able to afford, which is great news for drivers who are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible.




Scion has two New Models


Scion has long been in the background of the automotive industry. With no new models being released, Scion has been in a ‘drought’, Dale Buss of Forbes explains in his article from Sep 2, 2015.

But this is all about to change.

With a big announcement of not just one, but two new Scion models, this is the company’s “attempt to make the brand relevant again”, and to make its way to the forefront of the auto industry, speculates Buss.

The new Scion models are the sporty iM and the iA, the company’s first Sedan. Buss explains that over 1,000 Scion dealers will have these two models available so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in buying one!


A Faulty Start for the 2015 Honda Fit


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Not even out on the road for a year and the new 2015 Honda Fit has been recalled for faulty ignition coils.

The total amount currently being recalled is 17,800 effective units, reports Chris Bruce of Autoblog on Sep 3, 2015. If your 2015 Honda Fit is one of the affected units, you will receive a letter in the mail in October.

Bruce explains that the ignition coils can “degrade over time, potentially leading to the engine stalling”.

Luckily, there have been no reports of accidents or injuries that are directly related to the faulty ignition coils.



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