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Major Dodge Ram Recall, 2016 Honda Civic Spotted Plus Other Car News and Updates

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Are you Lucky Enough to Own the new 2016 Chevy Volt?


Photo Credit: Clean Technica

Photo Credit: Clean Technica

Are you excited for the new Chevy Volt? The new 2016 model is set to launch in January. But it may not be as easy to buy one as you think.

The auto manufacturer is selling the Volt exclusively to only 11 states for the first few months it is on the market, reports Clifford Atiyeh of CARandDRIVER.

Atiyeh further explained that California is set to be one of the first states to receive the new Volt. The remaining 10 states that will receive the Volt follow the “California Air Resources Board law”. Atiyeh lists the states:

“Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont”.

By spring 2016, the new Chevy Volt will be available nationwide. While GM has employed similar tactics before with the release of previous Chevy Volts, they are not giving any explanation as to why they are choosing to be so exclusive with this vehicle.


Another Ram Recall?


A massive recall made headlines last week. The very popular Dodge Ram pickup has over one million affected units with faulty airbag wiring. This recall is a result of a short circuit in the vehicle’s steering wheel wiring harness.

On Sep 10, Jake Holmes of Automobile Magazine elaborated on the massive recall by explaining that there are two known injuries resulting from the airbag issue. As of right now, there are no recorded accidents.

Automobile Magazine

You want MORE Power?


Photo Credit: Future Cars Review

Photo Credit: Future Cars Review

Neil Winton, contributor to Forbes, tells readers of Nissan’s recent development of an Electric Vehicle (EV) battery for the new Nissan Leaf. The new battery is 25% more powerful than its predecessor and it increases the vehicle’s driving range to 155 miles, reports Winton.

The performance improvement is a result of an internal redesign. Winton explains that Nissan is “so confident about the performance and reliability of the new battery that the capacity will be covered by an eight year, 100,000 mile warranty”.


One in 10 Million


The iconic BMW that first began its road to popularity in the 1970s, the BMW 3 Series Model, has just hit 10 million units built.

When first developing the vehicle in the 1970s, the luxury automotive company sought to replace the BMW 2002 Model, explains James Wolfcale of Top Speed.

The celebration is monumental considering BMW may not have expected such a success story and to create “an entire class of car that would still be relevant over 40 years later,” speculates Wolfcale.

Congrats BMW!

Top Speed

Spotted: 2016 Honda Civic


Photo Credit: Review Car Site

Photo Credit: Review Car Site

The new 2016 Honda Civic was recently spotted on Sep 11, parked out in the open with “no camouflage” disguising it before its debut next week, reveals Brandon Turkus of Autoblog. Whoops!

Turkus jokes that “someone must have screwed up” since it didn’t take much for someone who knows their Honda cars to recognize that it was a brand new model.

With all the changes and body modifications Honda did to the Civic, Turkus says that the new 2016 model might just be the “best looking Civic yet”.


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