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The New Karma Car is Here, But the Revero has a Hefty Price

Karma Electric Car

After Fisker Automotive closed its door due to bankruptcy back in 2013, it was unclear if the Karma electric car would ever be produced again. But after just five years, the Karma car is rising from the rubble of the defunct Fisker Automotive after being bought by China-based company Wanxiang Corp. in February 2014. After only three years of reviving the company and exponential growth, we now have the rebranded EV company and the new Karma EV car — well sorta new.


Check out the new Fisker Karma car’s first official TV commercial:

Alright, so where do we begin? Let’s start with a bit of history about the company that bought the remains of the failed Fisker Automotive. As mentioned, Wanxiang purchased the EV company in early 2014. At that time it was worth $149.2 million, but it wasn’t much of a company when it was bought. In fact, there were only 22 Fisker employees at the time of purchase. But that didn’t last long. With determination to revamp and rebrand, the company grew to just over 200 employees in just one year with expectations of expand to over 950 now-called Karma employees to accommodate their new production facility in Moreno Valley, California, reports Autoblog. In just 3 years, the company has made enormous feats in order to recreate the once lost Fisker Karma.

There’ve been a couple of tweaks, but the technology underneath the hood of the Revero is much the same. The Revero is equipped with a 21.4-kWh battery connecting to two electric motors and the same single-speed gearbox. The battery is said to have a 24 minute charge time to get juiced up to 80% full using a quick replenish charger. By using a DC Level 2 battery charger, the Revero will be fully-charged in about 3 hours. There is also a solar sunroof that is said to charge the 12V and lithium-ion batteries at the same time. When we tweeted to @KarmaAutomotive and they said that they really liked this feature. Check it out!

The 2.0-L turbocharged four-cylinder GM gas engine boasts 250 horsepower, which is actually 25 ponies short to its predecessor. Taking a look at a few of the other specs in the new Karma car, we have a top speed of 125 mph and a 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds.

So, in all truth, while there are some differences to the Revero, it isn’t all that different from the Karma Fisker.

The major difference between the two Karma cars is the price. At its release, the Fisker Karma car was priced at $100,000. Now, the base price for the Revero is $131,400 which is a significant price increase, considering there isn’t a dramatic difference between the two plug-in hybrids. The Revero base model does come standard with a couple great features though, like an updated infotainment system, Bluetooth, handy park-assist technology, and an interior trim that is made of eco-friendly, reclaimed wood. Karma owners will also find hand-painted emblems on their Karma car ($30,000 hand painted emblem??). But after that, the cost goes up when selecting the color. Karma Auto has designed its colors to fit in with drivers’ environments, which is kind of cool, but at the same time, what if you don’t like the specific color that is best fitted for your lifestyle? Regardless of that, Karma Auto is really trying to give you a customized car that fits you. Dealerships will be getting their fleet of Karma cars this month.

Do you think this Karma car is worth the boost in price? Comment below.

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